Wuji baifeng pill on gynecological disease really God?

The history of wuji baifeng pills, as early as in “a fairly jiaoji Yin medica have recorded the dating, consisting of hundreds of years of history.Wuji baifeng pills containing the name suggests one of the ingredients, the past wuji very precious wuji, the royal palace cannot use.So just put & ldquo;Wuji & rdquo;Two words in front and highlights its drug precious, are equivalent to the selling points, catch a person eyeball.

Although this is the herb wuji, but actually it is selling more than 20 made by the traditional Chinese medicine, these are just blindly wuji anyway.Among them are such as ginseng, astragalus tonifying qi medicine, and angelica, donnell blood thinners, etc. Keeps and antlers glue, danshen, yam these filling kidney Yin with herbs, check.So from its compatibility perspective, wuji baifeng pills is blindly tonifying qi, keep blood, Yin and Yang double fill medicine, and applicable range is very wide, covers most gynecological diseases.The gynecologic in Chinese medicine is a regular, versatile, because of this, women in the first thought is liuli, can usually get good curative effect.

The ancients speech & ldquo;Everything, can’t be everything fine & rdquo;Liuli and wuji baifeng pills to the characteristics of them all, although be it won extensive reputation, also cover it cannot & ldquo;Suit the remedy to the case & rdquo;Shortcomings.Here have to explain why general gynecological diseases.

Sub-health women kidney medicine signs

TCM holds that for a priori, kidney, is human reproductive development the root of the impulsion of visceral functions activities.If the heart is the body’s engine, kidney is clutch, engine turn again, clutch didn’t trample on runoff so cannot run.In modern society, women long-term high load high pressure of work, and gradually to overdraw their strength.High-speed car as long-term average, various equipment badly worn, finally broke the balance of the body.And when this balance destroyed, will appear kidney.

In society at present ldquo; say &Kidney & rdquo;, such as sex apathy, infertility, infecund etc, is actually narrow kidney.In the broadest sense of the kidney including a series of systemic symptom.Traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine said the deficiency of sub-health quite have similarities, all with a pile of symptoms to determine.The concept of significance, kidney empty, some organic disease has often also included.

As the saying goes, and ldquo;M afraid hurt liver, female pashang renal & rdquo;.Women’s growth, development, reproduction, aging various stages of physiological processes and case kidney-qi is closely related to the ups and downs, woman some peculiar physiology phenomenon once (menstrual), belt (leucorrhea), yun (breeds), production (delivery), cream (lactation) such close relations with the essence in kidney.TCM holds that ldquo; woman is &Blood as this, the gas for rdquo; with &Qi, and women of menstruation, inoculation and lactation material foundation, women only, the kidney exuberant, pregnancy, maternity and milk, bring function will normal, the body will be healthy.Because of modern woman life stress and rhythm are soon, so very easy occurrence kidney.In the female, especially the middle-aged women, kidney proportion quite high, far higher than male.

Watch the doctor the most common misuse

Wuji baifeng pills because contain various tonifying qi, filling kidney Yang liver-kidney medicinal herbs, for the body emaciated, lumbar debility, menstruation, uterine down have apparent curative effect.And, to splash, colour and lustre is dark also has curative effect, can achieve cosmetic purposes.According to the latest research wuji baifeng pills still can treat gastroptosis, and blood, chronic hepatitis, latent nephritis, adolescent no ovulation work blood, neurological tinnitus, prostate gland disease wait for disease.However, Chinese emphasize pattern identification and treatment.Wuji baifeng pills after all is drugs, not gynecological specific, has its applicable scope, can’t literally taking.


Although most people symptoms similar, but cause are different.In TCM for general debility menstruation, with fill in yiqi pill treatment;For colds, namely blood hot Yin to menstruation, with both soup treatment;For the liver heat cause menstruation, with Dan mast is treated unfettered pill.The three are not wuji baifeng pills.

Leucorrhea abnormal

If it is simple, you’ll have to use the spleen yiqi pills; bowledKidney brought in, kidney Yin deficiency of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia decoction, kidney Yang is used to pill to treat; rightHot and humid brought hope with easy than wuji baifeng pills is much better.If the disease is trichomonad sex vaginitis, leucorrhea, then eat 100 box of wuji baifeng pills also useless.


Wuji baifeng pills larger, ordinary people summer temper had better eat less or not to eat.

As the saying goes, it is medicine 3 minutes poison, cannot because of wuji baifeng pills is Chinese traditional medicine, can eat at random.Must to normal hospital, please the doctor diagnosed later drug use.

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