Witness the striking of Tibetan medicine “pulse”

years ago, the Tibetan physician alignment? denier increased from Lhasa to Tianjin in Lausanne to see high school son, heard that doctors left Lhasa, friends have invited their retrospective on the Mainland. He made more than two months, Guangzhou, Beijing, Sichuan. In Nanjing, before returning to Lhasa he met an old friend, nazhi people hasn’t arrived, there is Suzhou tours of patients came to see a doctor.

luosangdan increase is family Nineth generation of Tibetan medicine, doctor “ pulse ”. By the pulse, clearly said the illness without patients with openings, three fingers of his magic is called x-ray, in patients with b-ultrasound and CT in Tibetan areas. The reason, the old man said it was 40 trained &ldquo of pulse diagnosis; channel induction ”. Most people just to please the old Tibetan medicine to “ the pulse of ”, to the body for physical examination. Yesterday at the hotel where he stayed, reporters witnessed the famous magic medicine pulse diagnosis of Tibetan medicine.

three-finger blood pressure sphygmomanometer

“ luosangdan increase physician pulse diagnosis accuracy left a profound impression on me. &Amp;rdquo; friends of Lausanne, Nanjing Eastern CITs General Manager Liu Jianling told reporters that “ my blood pressure last year reached one hundred and seventy seven-one hundred and twentieths, denier increased doctor gave me pulse for a few seconds in Lausanne, said exact figures. In Lausanne, ate three months doctors distribution of Tibetan medicine, hypertension under control now. &Amp;rdquo yesterday there are quite a few friends are recommending him to.

Ms Wang Lausanne, field-proven medical accuracy of pulse diagnosis, doctors said after the pulse of your high pressure are 150, low pressure is 90, it was immediately prepared blood measurements, digital display one hundred and fifty-ninety firsts, causing a praise. After the pulse to a lady, old experts say your waist is not very good, and myoma of uterus …… Lady nodded, and magic is luosangdan could increase that her waist well Disi、Wu of lumbar disc herniation. The woman was surprised to say, she just took a CT slice in the drum tower hospital, it is this part. Then he &ldquo God ” also diabetes, prostatitis and hemorrhoids, gastric ulcer, liver alcohol check out one by one, evaluation in Lausanne he pulse of 80% accuracy can be achieved.

family nine generations of Tibetan medicine, diagnose of

<p&gt the age of five; align grandfather Rob denier increase in Lausanne is a famous Tibetan medicine in Tibet, his father zhaxidunzhu was the generation of doctor in Tibet, transfer to his extensive knowledge of Tibetan medicine. Luosangdan increase from five years of age began studying Scripture, reading medical books, and his father learn who diagnose, its pulse has more than 40 years of Foundation.

this never went to medical college folk Tibetan medicine to Western medicine, Tibetan medicine science of the pulse, urine consultation involved, tongue diagnosis, acupuncture, pharmacy and Physiology and Anatomy, have had serious research, in order to visually understand the structure of the human body, diseases and causes of death, of dead over more than 200 cases of his Anatomy, pulse diagnosis accuracy is greatly improved.

CCTV to verify organization “ test ”

many people are sceptical about the accuracy of pulse diagnosis, it is stated that CCTV has organized thematic group validation Lausanne denier increased unique pulse diagnosis in medicine. They found 13 patients from the hospital, and dozens of mixed with the healthy subjects and the whole camera, he checked out one by one patient. After identifying patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in a patient and a gastric ulcer, let him speak in detail, he draw on the patient’s Anatomy, pointing the specific location of the disease. Also specify is the pulmonary cavity and erosive gastric ulcers. Cases anastomosis in patients with proven and described. Thematic groups special leave “ case ” proved. His diagnostic skills also surprise a foreigner, in April 2001, in the 21st century the United Nations Peace Conference on natural medicine, more than 100 experts from many countries around the world for pulse academic exchanges, on-site examinations of the Organizing Committee, found luosangdan increase over more than 30 people taking the pulse, he had picked out a postoperative patients with breast cancer. In April 2004, the 42nd international peace University of natural medicine of the United Nations General Assembly granted luosangdan increased international degree of doctor of medicine.

called for emphasis on pulse diagnosis inherited

increased luosangdan said that its own medical technology is an exercise in hard conditions out of. Tibetan pastoralists is very difficult to see a doctor, doctor impossible with various checks on equipment, it is through traditional medicine pulse diagnosis helped him to conclude that the nature of the disease. Practice of relying on family juexue and their own decades of medical practice, develop a new style, cured many difficult and complicated cases.

“ doctors through the pulse can be seen not only physiological function of Zang-Fu organs, pathological parts, you can also estimate the prognosis of the disease, many modern medical equipment check out diseases using pulse diagnosis to early detection, therefore ‘ pulse of ’ is the most cost effective and no means of diagnosis and treatment of injuries to the body, pulse diagnosis should not be forsaken by modern medicine. &Amp;rdquo; luosangdan increase said that doctors now rely on checking equipment, know about pulse diagnosis is just floating on the surface, inheritance and development of pulse diagnosis is worrying.

it is learnt that the Lausanne denier increase Tibet last nine generations heritage folk Tibetan medicine, such civil Tibetan medicine in Qinghai-Tibet plateau is the rare hard to find. According to the old habit of Tibetan medicine, ancestral recipes only family, if there is no inheritance, with the death of Tibetan medicine andLost. He is considered the son of high school, father of pulse diagnosis is extensive and profound, can’t worry about himself. It is learnt that the cultural heritage society is prepared to increase the denier in Lausanne in Lhasa pulse declared intangible cultural heritage.

luosangdan increased hope that as soon as possible of Tibetan medicine out of Tibet, mainland people, so in 2000 from the Institute of Plateau biology position after the retirement of Lhasa began medical tour on a regular basis throughout the country. He is retrospective never charged, also free of charge to homes for the elderly and orphans to send doctors and sent medicine.


<p&gt of pulse diagnosis is a modern medical diagnosis; pulse that is the case do the magic? Journalist consulted the provincial hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Professor Dan Zhaowei. Single said, traditional medicine is through “ look, smell, asked, cutting ” four diagnostic information to get the disease, which “ ” is to feel the pulse, is the most direct method of diagnosis. In the rapid development of the means of diagnosis and treatment today, pulse diagnosis still has an irreplaceable role, particularly in the diagnosis of heart disease, such as arrhythmia, early Bo, pulse can often reflect the whole development process of the disease, is a modern medical technology is a good complement. As regards pulse can diagnose diseases to what extent, according to personal experience also may be. Medical conditions in backward areas, pulse diagnosis means for becoming doctors, practice makes perfect. At the same time he believed that combining pulse and modern diagnostic equipment, diagnostics will be more accurate, training of young doctors don't neglect pulse diagnosis.

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