Why jump right eye jump disaster wealth?

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Jump right eye evil. Fortune jump

Eyelid is responsible for the work by shutting around eyes constitute the orbicularis muscle;And we said, in fact, is that the eyelid jump the nerve not control eyelid muscle caused by normal excited, is also part of the eye muscle orbicularis muscle in a short time can’t independently steady shrinkage, so that the skin affects.

Generally in too tired, use eye too long or lack of sleep, the incidence of eyelid jump up more frequently, others like light, drug produce stimulation, or eyes blown into the foreign body, or often smoking and drinking, etc., can stimulate an eye, cause eyelid jump.

The most common eyelid jump for the orbicularis muscle; the & ldquoMuscle disease & rdquo; little quiver, every time jump a few seconds to a few minutes;The normal situation as long as a period of time, will be restored, also can close your eyes a rest, or hot towel apply the eyes, and cooperate with a balanced diet and plenty of sleep, to shorten the time. Beat his eyelids

If eyelid keep jump, it shall immediately seek medical doctor.If your eyelids, is BanCe beat facial muscle, with both eyebrows and quarrel word, likely is dimming facial nerve irritation caused by spasms of phenomenon, should actively treatment, otherwise there will be quite the eye disease inclined mouth.

To beat, TCM argued the eyelids by prolonged illness overfatigue damage glove, or liver and spleen hemopenia day long to living created by the wind.

If two empty syndrone caused both insomnia forgetful, upset and palpitation, food less tired body fatigue, etc ldquo can &;Be spleen decoction & rdquo;Composing for the addition and subtraction;If caused by hemopenia born, and often wind, and beating than header, forehead and face, quarrel brought and uncontrollable in ldquo, criterion with &;Angelica invigorate rdquo; drink &Composing for the addition and subtraction.

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