When taking Chinese medicines after accidentally poisoning

Chinese medicine both enter the body through passing through HO, once causing adverse reactions, should try to eliminate as soon as possible, prevent further damage to the human body. When boiling, fumigation or processing processing, steam or dust powder of toxic Chinese medicines, enter the body through the respiratory tract, must be the patients from the scene immediately, remove to fresh air, circulation department, to increase the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood flow in patients with scattered gas; respiratory secretions should be clear and, if necessary, give oxygen; severe referral for further treatment.

after skin or mucosal absorption of adverse reactions, with plenty of warm water or light saline administration local, for example: by gargle in oral mucosa through anal Enema, by washing the vagina of the vaginal mucosa (cream with hot water, so as to avoid blood vessels to dilate, poison absorption enhancement) and other methods, drug pollution clothes, shall promptly replace the clothes.

spot quite toxic Chinese herbs such as splashing in crumpled sheets must race against time to rescue, start with sterile saline solution or water flushing, rinse time cannot be less than 5 minutes; in addition, basic drugs available 5% boric acid water flushing, flushing of acidic drugs available 2% sodium bicarbonate solution, and then antibiotic eye drops or ointment; illness should immediately go specialist treatment in severe cases.

because of adverse reaction induced by injection of many allergic reactions, light permit timely withdrawal and granting of desensitization therapy generally recoverable, anaphylactic shock, outside under the orange peel or intravenous injection of epinephrine may join the study on the hydrogenation of pine 5% intravenous infusion of glucose solution, depending on the disease drug infusion and intramuscular injection of anti-histamine.

the most common oral poisoning, focuses on general principles and measures of treatment below. Shock, heart Mule stops, coma, brain edema, disseminated intravascular coagulation, pulmonary edema, respiratory failure, liver necrosis, renal failure and other serious adverse event, must be taken under the condition of integrated traditional and Western medicine as soon as possible the appropriate treatment measures should go when necessary or possible conditional hospital for emergency treatment.

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