What should cancer patients eat

many cancer patients are facing such a problem, got a tumor,? The eat well?

treatment principle is based on syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine. What cancer patients can eat, can’t eat anything, not a uniform conclusion. Strictly speaking, must be in patients with syndrome of deficiency and food taste to decide. Dialectical meals. However, real life patients or doctors, who have no time to check every day to determine today what you can eat, not eat what. Should I do?

1, and suit measures to local conditions: living in different areas, long-term eating habits vary, degree of tolerance to various food varies, thus eating taboo is not the same. As long-term life in sea, to fisherman living, long-term to seafood for staple food of people, on without bogey shrimp crab health fish, and for life in inland of people,, usually less contact “ seafood ”, is Dang note as far as possible without; for long-term to cattle sheep, animal meat for staple food of people,, on does not need bogey food beef and mutton, and for usually rarely eat beef and mutton of people,, will note as far as possible not edible.

2, and timers: down to the specific patient, in different stages and different. For different people, people with different habits, taboo content and different.

3, and the time: the turn of the seasons climate, mankind must conform to the law of nature and not against. Strong Yang in spring and summer, everything is full, the tumor cells faster and try to eat less temperature dryness “ inducing matter ”, such as the bogey eating dog meat, lamb; autumn climate is dry, all things depression common nose and mouth in patients with dry, try not to eat spicy hot dry food, eat water-bearing much fruit; winter cold, less drinking cold raw food.

<strong&gt: so, generally fit in cancer patients eat what?

<p&gt (1) diet to scheduling, quantitative, and little eating meals to reduce the burden of the gastrointestinal tract.

<p&gt, (2) eating more foods containing vitamin a, c, e, eat plenty of green vegetables and fruit.

<p&gt, (3) adhere to low-fat, high protein, easily digested food.

<p&gt, (4) food should be fresh, not to eat moldy bad diet.

<p&gt, (5) to keep a normal bowel movement, cellulose constipation patients should eat rich foods and drink some of honey every day.

<p&gt, (6) major food should include: milk, eggs, milk, Lotus root starch, fruit juice, vegetable juice, liver, lean meat mud mud. Combined with eating “ Fuling Golden combination ”, better results.

<p&gt life equation “ + sky capsules of Poria cocos strains nuclides ” referred to as ”“ Fuling Golden combination ” is the first by the State administration of traditional Chinese medicine and promote preventive anti-cancer products! By the State administration of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine technology development exchange &rdquo cancer cancer Health Center awarded the first class; science and technology achievement promotion project “. Are highly recognized by authoritative medical research organization and administration of Chinese medicine, is the song with ” cancer cancer, Detox liver l white, improve immunity “ three functions in one of the preventive anti-cancer products, outstanding effect, distinguishes it from any ordinary preventive anti-cancer health products on the market.

what do cancer patients should avoid certain food?

<p&gt (1) smoke, wine.

<p&gt, (2) avoid engorgement, greasy food, avoid fire salt-cured, smoked, baked and fried foods, especially baked paste of Coke with food.

<p&gt, (3) avoid onion, garlic, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, and other spicy pungent foods. Could do a little sauce.

<p&gt, (4) avoid moldy food, pickled vinegar, such as mold study soya beans, peanuts, salted fish, pickles, etc.

<p&gt, (5) avoid multiple bone and assassination, rough and hard, sticky not easy digestibility and crude fiber-containing foods.

<p&gt, (6) avoid heavy, sour, sweet, salty, cold, thermal and gas-bearing too much food.

<p&gt, (7) ascites cream salt water and food.

<p&gt, (8) dysfunction of blood coagulation, particularly bleeding, avoid Scorpions, centipedes and have broken blood effect of food and medicine. In addition, avoid long-term, large consumption of so-called “ anti-cancer food and &rdquo.

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