What is medicial science

Seven emotions that happiness, anger, sorrow, thought, sadness, fear, surprised seven sentiment changes.Seven emotions and viscera function activities have close relations, belong to the five zang-organs, seven emotions with happiness, anger, sadness, fear, reflection, called & represented ldquo;Five volunteers & rdquo;.Seven emotions is human body on the outside of the objective things different reflection of life activity, is normal phenomenon, won’t make people morbidity.But in a sudden, strong or long-term sentiment stimulating, more than normal physiological activities range, and can not adapt to, make viscera function disorder, will cause the disease, the seven emotions become pathogenic factors, and is led to one of the main factors etiopathogenisis disease, so called intradermic injury seven emotions.Seven emotions as pathogenic factors, different from the six evils of the evil muzzle or fur, but directly affect the body inwards and related disease, gentle disposition factor not only can directly lead to many diseases, but also for all disease outcome plays an important role.

A, expounds the relationship with the viscera
Human sentiment in activities and must qi qi as physical foundation, from the physiological activities of the zang-fu organs and normal, and viscera can maintain normal physiological so function, and must rely on gas, promoting the warm glow of nourishing and blood of.Such as the Yin and Yang of “should be like the big ldquo said &;Hearts in volunteers for pleased & rdquo;, & ldquo;The liver rdquo; volunteer for anger &, & ldquo;Spleen in order to think & rdquo; volunteer, & ldquo;For the sorrow and lung in volunteers rdquo;, & ldquo;Kidney in volunteers rdquo; for fear &.Different sentiment for each viscera have different changes, while the effect of viscera. Will also affect the change of modern change.Therefore, physiological function qi is necessary to zang-fu material foundation, and physiological function of modern activities and viscera of external performance. ActivitiesSo, gentle disposition activities and viscera of a close relationship.

Second, the pathogenic characteristics of seven emotions
Seven pathogenic, a direct effect on the corresponding internal organs to inverse disorderly, zang-fu angry machine, resulting in various qi disorders the occurrence of disease and syndrome.

(a) influence, seven pathogenic, zang-fu organs and angry machine main influence viscera, angry machine qi, lead to a variety of inverse disorderly the occurrence of disease and syndrome.Which is basically have: anger, xi is gas gas slow, sad, gas away, and thought is gas knot, fear is next, surprised, gas gas disorderly.

(2) direct injury and viscera.Seven ultra can directly effect visceral physiological function, and produce all sorts of pathological changes, different sentiment will stimulate can hurt and different viscera, produce different pathological changes.Such as “plain question should be like middot; Yin and Yang of& big theory”, they said in ldquo &;Anger rdquo; hurt liver &, & ldquo;Xi sad & rdquo;, & ldquo;Think rdquo; wounds spleen &, & ldquo;Lung & rdquo; grief, & ldquo;Fear kidney damage & rdquo;.

(3) of modern fluctuation, can cause illness change, since the anomalies of modern activities can directly hurt and entrails, influence, which leads to the zang-fu organs and angry machine, then the happening of the disease to have a disease of will inevitably influence, or make illness aggravating, accelerating deterioration, and even cause death.

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