Water shortage at ECape hospital

"We are sending water trucks to the hospital as a temporary measure to ensure the hospital operates as normal," spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said on Wednesday.

A repair company is expected to arrive at the hospital on Thursday to fix the problem.

Water was being driven to the All Saints Hospital in Engcobo following a water shortage caused by a burst pipe, says the Eastern Cape health departdepartment of health eastern cape provincement.

The department would engage with the public works department next week to look into more permanent solutions.

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Kupelo said the department was looking into a permanent solution because the water system was dilapidated which caused periodic water shortages.

"We are doing everything in our power to ensure hospitals have water."

"The departmeWater shortage at ECape hospitalnt is looking into replacing the entire water system."

He said there were 14 hospitals in the province, mainly in the Transkei, that needed upgrading.

The Eastern Cape provincial government is one of the worst ANC governments, except for Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Northwest, Gauteng, Freestate, and Northern Cape.

The "apartheid regime" not only built and equipped and staffed the Engcobo Hospital — even before handing it over the the subsequent Transkei regime — but they installed and maintained the water pipes in good order.

He said the water trucks were an emergency temporary measure and health MEC Sicelo Gqobana would visit the hospital on January 13 to assess its water system.

There have been water cuts at the hospital since November, but they were also due to villagers connecting water pipes to their homes, Kupelo said.

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