Virtual wind moved within

Yin deficiency, endogenous wind morbid syndrome.More common in sweat, big vomit, large discharge, blood loss or injury, those long illness by fluid loss Yin, liquid less blood, blood without a withered tendon, liver insufficiency, Yin Yin Yang and GanFeng not dive within caused by channeling;Also have due to insufficient, hepatorenal losses kidney Yin, kidney water cannot self-restraint, and cause liver wood on GanFeng perturbation.The clinical manifestations of vertigo, tremor or brothers peristalsis, or faint and etc.
On XuHuo kidney Yin deficiency, and inflammation of the fire water, appear Yin fire up syndromes.Performance for dry throat, sore throat, dizziness dizzying, upset sleepless, tinnitus, forgetfulness, brothers and sisters and heart heat, or red eyes, accusing sores, tongue qualitative NenGong born, (pulse count, etc.

Virtual vexed not sleeping disease and syndrome name.Out of the middot; distinguishes the sun treatise on febrile diseases & pulse license and cure disease.”The disease and syndrome refers to upset insomnia.Virtual vexed refers to upset and heart without hard full, and under the hard full heart agitated differences.The certificate can be by asthenia, Yang, Yin deficiency, waste heat and so on the different factors.Those of deficiency, often and see languid, on less tired, dry mouth god, drink less pulse condition but soft, put to appropriate fill gas mainly.If more see limb cold chills, veins of the rats, sank late, put to appropriate factors.Yin, who often and see red tongue dry mouth, pulse count, put to appropriate functions of nourishing.Within the RNC, often waste heat and see the body without net, dry mouth, tongue urinating suffering yellow, treat appropriate qing remove vexed.

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