Vein? Chinese medicine tells you what’s going

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vein? Tell you what’s going on

<p&gt of traditional Chinese medicine; in life often says “ vein ” is the human body can see veins under skin, experts believe that regardless of which part of the abnormal vein storm drum body, is the phlegm, such as moisture, skin rash, poison the body reaction for backup. We should learn how to observe, understand where does not apply, seek medical advice.

experts say, we can observe the vein are mainly distributed in the face, head, feet and other parts.

Temple blue veins raised, said there were signs of cerebral arteriosclerosis, headache, stroke;

rendered his forehead vein, that may be suffering from hyperthyroidism, diabetes;

raised nose vein, represent gastrointestinal backup, dyspepsia;

mandibular appears vein, suffering from rheumatic diseases or diseases of lower extremities;

back of the finger vein of black , Indicates hyperplasia or cervical and lumbar diseases;

finger joint blue veins raised, said poor gastrointestinal function, abdominal distension pains, bad breath;

thumb joints under vein protruding or distorted, said suffers from coronary arteriosclerosis, myocardial strain.

experts, also reinforced the view known disease based on individual case may be, some men’s blood vessels are more bulky in itself; some people have long been engaged in heavy physical labour, veins than most people clear; some peopleAfter drinking, sporting blood vessels raised in varying degrees. Therefore, no need to see vein muster just nervous, but should be in the vein of usually pay attention to the parts of your body, if different from the usual in respect of that to pay more attention.

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