Uncaria specially treating rib pain

according to dream under by contains, Xue POON of wife Xia Jingui does not listen to Xue Baochai hairpin haoyan persuade, take wine crazy, large noisy large said, gas was Xue aunt Make one’s hair stand on end, liver-Qi Shang inverse, “ left rib pain was is ”, Po hairpin “ can’t wait doctor view, first called people to buy has several money hook rattan to, thick of fried has a bowl, to mother eat has ”,“ stopped has while, slightly sleep settled ”. Aunt Xue “ unknowingly slept a sleep, the liver has gradually overcome the ”. Modern medicine also upset of Uncaria in treatment of patients with hepatitis, passionate, left hypochondriac pain, also made good effect.

Uncaria specially treating rib pain

Uncaria also known as Ying claw wind, bent hooks at the Leaf axil, thus come the name of Uncaria, with hooks stem branches and medicinal. Uncaria medicinal initial written records found in southern and Northern dynasties of Tao Hongjing’s medical journal. But the ancient physicians that its gas light clear, so much as a child’s private medicine, as pointed out by Tao Hongjing ‘s: “ therapy in children, not into the party. &Amp;rdquo; later medical scientists continue to broaden its scope of application, has now become, and common gynecological medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that hooked cane sweet in taste and slightly cold, into the liver and pericardium, liver and antispasmodic effect of clearing heat and flat.

Uncaria is clinically the more widely used in recent years, often take the power of pinggan, used to treat high blood pressure. Pharmacological experiments confirmed that the antihypertensive effect of Uncaria is both obvious and significant sedative effect, but it does not have a side effect of sleepiness. In 2-7 after taking Uncaria decoction in patients with hypertension, blood pressure began to fall, after 10th gradually achieve the best results. With the decline in blood pressure, headache, dizziness, mental confusion, shortness of breath, insomnia and other symptoms gradually to reduce, or even disappear. Effect of early hypertension better. However, Uncaria not long fried, after properly. Uncaria boil 20 minutes later, the buck components are damaged. General daily dosage of 10~15 grams. If the effect is not notable, could be added to 100~150 grams a day, will be able to achieve satisfactory effect.


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