“The four methods of diagnosis-observation” tell Pearl powder

review: as we all know, Pearl has a soothing, moisturizing skin, nourish, and other functions, has always been that people of all ages. However on the market today, there is a small number of counterfeit production enterprise with shell powder Pearl powder production behaviour of health food and cosmetics. I think, identify the advantages and disadvantages of genuine and fake Pearl powder, may wish to use traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis disease “ look, smell, asked, cutting ” method of diagnosis, from four aspects to its differentiation “ sense of color, aroma, price, ”:

“ the four methods of diagnosis-observation ” tell Pearl powder

inspection of color:

pure Pearl powder is not snow white, but with a little yellow or grey. If snow is white, shell powder processing for most likely to be formed. While finger dipped takes a small amount of powder, or in the sun light observation, found that there is a clear Flash, mica is added.


quality Pearl powder smelling a hint of flavor, without other odor. While fake Pearl fish stench of more strong.

q :

the best fixed using Pearl powder brand. High or low price although it is not possible to judge the good and bad quality, but the price is too low consumers cannot believe. Such as online spread of few dollars you can buy a big bag of Pearl powder must not be.


genuine Pearl powder when the hand is fine and smooth and easily adsorbed on the skin, but not as fine as flour sliding; if feel too thin slide, are likely to join a large amount of talcum powder.

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