“Spring Festival sequel” do you have?

review: first day of work after the Spring Festival, many of my friends feel some trance, listless. Seems to also work in General. I think perhaps this is what we call “ sequelae of Spring Festival ”? So, “ sequelae of Spring Festival ” what situations? Integrated below their own experiences and feelings, you may wish to control their State, what I see there “ sequelae of Spring Festival ”?

“ sequelae of Spring Festival ” do you have?

“ sequelae of Spring Festival ” ten symptoms:


<p&gt 1, network syndrome; for those who did not engage in network-related industry, perhaps during the Chinese new year is they have the best time to surf. For some people, not including eating, sleeping, other times may be all on the Internet. Many people perhaps as long as the eyes in the morning on the Internet, has been playing late into the night, sometimes having a meal forgot to eat. Thus, dry eyes, pain, and general inability to this “ network syndrome ” natural in section will be reflected. In addition to damage to the body itself, is more important is the heart do not receive back, has also been mindful of the network.


<u&GT;2, lack of sleep and even insomnia; Home Holiday visiting friends and relatives, daily habits are upset. The original routine, sleep regularity naturally had been interrupted. Plus the environment suddenly change inevitable cause a lack of sleep. Reunion, gathering with friends and family makes the brain to maintain a high State of excitement, so many people appear in over years of insomnia.

3, physically weary

believe many activities during the Spring Festival is rich and varied. In addition to visiting friends and relatives, friends, a lot of people will choose to travel, Carnival was also perhaps a night, and so on. Due to physical, mental, and leave their bodies in a very sleepy, so, just beginning to work, natural sleep wake occurs, physically and mentally tired, listless to work, and so on.

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<u&GT;4, fear of work; hard busy for a year, managed to get enough rest time in the Spring Festival, after the Spring Festival, some people will have an inexplicable fear on returning to work again. Serious people even have continuous sleepless, has lost all desire for food and drink and other symptoms. Such natural there will be no work should have a vitality, can't enter normal working state.

 5, tourism sequel
now, greatly improving the standard of living. Chinese new year when many people would choose to travel. Travel, inevitably lead to physical and mental fatigue. In addition, coupled with tourism during the climate, temperature differences, the impact of environmental factors, especially those who like more self-driving travel malaise, loss of appetite may occur. At the same time, &ldquo such as dry mouth, oral ulcer of the tongue; nobody inspected ” symptoms also will be a matter of routine. These are what we say “ tourism sequel ”.


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