“Feel the pulse” is actually a very cool thing

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will feel the pulse is a very cool thing  

, pulse and easy to learn but hard to fine

pulse diagnosis is a part of traditional Chinese medicine , Chinese medicine is a part of Chinese culture, Chinese culture, Chinese medicine, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Beijing Opera, Weiqi, qigong, Tai Chi, there is a common feature, namely is easy to learn and hard to fine.

pulse diagnosis, number of ups and downs late is easy, especially later, teachers students will have the same feeling. Difficult in three nine waiting and micro, astringent, San, leather, knot, generation, onion, prison, Volt etc.

due to changes in the physiological effects of the person are extremely sensitive, vein clinics is sometimes repeated, while giving teachers and students, it is difficult to teach hands-on. It is “ won’t turn back to God, do not go, is missing its machine. &Amp;rdquo; is not available in the past, now kept, fleeting feelings, often no choice but to occur between teacher and student. But before we in clinical teaching, are sufficient communication between teachers and students, especially when the diagnose in elderly patients, or changed for a long time and then press, changes, teachers by inches, and students by Cun, Guan string; teacher by strings and astringent, students experience not astringent, teacher and then went to press, really has no hard feelings. And so on.

because pulse difficult to repeat, so multiple pulse instrument in modern times all end in obscurity. Winning and not another cause of popularization and application of scientific research, is a pulse-aide, The Department of cun, Guan and Chi, three on the waiting list. I have to cooperate with the pulse instrument research project leader Professor Li Zhi, verify that the thoracic obstruction “ Yin-Yang micro string ” and clinical relationship of pulse coronary heart disease, Professor Li Zhi no choice but to lay hands, “ our pulse instrument has only one point, difficult to fit. &Amp;rdquo in addition, when the pulse instrument topics and invited several old Chinese medicine experts, for health students or patients taking the pulse, pulse of the same person, an expert saying, sometimes very different.

this difficulty has been the case, so discussion of the ancients for pulse special detail, using a metaphor, using description, language is also particularly vivid purpose you understand tacitly. The emphasis in penetrate and then pass the gods: “ shenhu gods, the ear does not hear, which heart and local records, Hui so unique understanding, oral statements as slaves, all alone, suitable dark, obvious single out, if the wind blows the clouds, hence the saying to God. Three nine-waiting for the original, nine-pin on the do not have to save. &Amp;rdquo; I think, the Hui Wu, heads out heart, shenhu God, is the process of progressive realization, based on clinical practice must be long term and excessive, on paper, and after all is light. Furthermore, calm down and undivided loyalty is an important condition of Hui Wu.

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