“5-5 before” old traditional Chinese medicine care

, first taking diet and medication

the saying goes: " are the three HIV drug ", so, first with the diet of diet therapy, this is a double. For example of ginger brown sugar can be treated with cold water to drink cold. Diet is still missing after effect may consider physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and other methods, and finally select drugs in the treatment.

<strong&gt, second, first with the use of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine

belongs to natural medicines of traditional Chinese medicine, its toxicity and side effects generally smaller than Western medicine, unless you are using Western medicine does have effects. Many of the elderly suffering from chronic diseases or old root cause, generally, the best is to take Chinese medicines for conditioning.

three internal use external use, first to

to reduce the toxicity of drugs on the body, with external medication for the treatment of diseases, such as skin disease, gingivitis, sprain, and so on can be the first to use topical drug detoxification, reducing swelling, preferably without oral anti-inflammatory drugs.

four, first after oral administration with injection

some sick to think of the elderly in injection injections, injection is too good for that fast, does not. Reagents by blood flow to the body, and finally into the heart, directly threatening the vascular wall and the heart. Therefore, the disease in remission with medicine, you don’t need to use injection.

after five, the first medicine with new drug

in recent years, new drugs, teyao emergence, in general they are a unique effect on the one hand, but because of the time is short, its shortcomings and side effects, especially long term side effects have not been the awareness, cannot withstand the tests of time and was finally out of the new drugs are common. Therefore, the illness in the elderly it is best to first with the Chinese and Western medicine in, when you do need to use new, teyao, also carefully, especially on imported drug with particular caution.

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