Treatment of myopia and other eye diseases As the medicine took effect, the symptoms lessened [vanished].

Put to myopia, etc. Can be extremely effective eye disease

Suggestion: please meal drink to get best effect.Because of illness in the head, and after dinner drink can make medicinal use in the head more, also is the purpose of this square.

Prescription: longan meat + longan nuclear (namely take nuclear longan), Chinese wolfberry

Cooking method: the above three moderate, add water boil tea, longan nuclear don’t break.

Charmed: just when general tea to drink and then drink a day, at least, even drink two months.

No effect can abandon no longer drink, effective and still not satisfied, then shall renew to drink.

Efficacy: with eyes all related to the crystalline form abnormal eye problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, etc.

Key: must use longan nuclear, only longan meat, then the effect binary.


Celery kill ldquo; pure cannot &Help sex & rdquo;

Chinese men misunderstanding of kidney

Zi kidney strong sun & mdash; liver& mdash;medlar

Traditional Chinese medicine don’t overnight to drink

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