Treatment of infantile enuresis try cupping therapy

enuresis, commonly known as “ bed-wetting ”, refers to the sleep apnea in children over 3 years of middle and small they survived, woke up back I discovered a disease. 3 children under the age of the brain is not fully, cultivation has not been normal urination habit, bed-wetting, not to be morbid, and older children with fun, excessive tiredness, occasional-drinking before going to bed wetting, not to be sick. View of modern medicine, this causes cortical, subcortical caused by central nervous system dysfunction. General classified as congenital deficiency, lung and spleen deficiency and dampness-heat in lower type 2.

first, congenital deficiency, deficiency of lung and spleen

<p&gt: (I)

pale white complexion, spirit, and slow, urine during the day, fatigue after wetting the heavier, cold extremities, lumbar and leg weakness, fecal mass thin, pale tongue.

<p&gt, (ii) treatment

(1) point selection: bladder Yu, angry sea, Sekimoto, sanyinjiao.

<p&gt, (2): the bladder-Shu: in sacral, when the Middle sacral Crest next to 1.5-inch, flat 2nd sacral foramina.

air-sea: on the front line in the Centre, 1.5 inch under the navel.

source of blood and essence: on the front line in the Centre, 3 inches under the umbilical cord.

sanyinjiao: medial leg, when the foot 3 inches on the tip of the ankle, tibial medial rear.

<p&gt, (3) cupping method: simply cupping, tank 5-10 minutes. In air-sea and guanyuan after 15-20 minutes of mild moxibustion with Moxa line, with local dusky skin. 1 times a day, 10 times for 1 course.

the second, lower-heat

<p&gt: (I)

less frequency, color yellow taste and odor, itching of the vulva, upset irritability, facial lips red red, dry mouth tongue red, sticky tongue coating yellow.

<p&gt, (ii) treatment

(1) point selection: sea, Yin Ling Quan, sanyinjiao and lines.

<p&gt, (2): the air-sea: see.

Yin Ling Quan: inside of the leg, when the medial tibial condyle below the SAG Office.

sanyinjiao: see.

: on foot back when 1th, 2nd toe, toes webbed margin at the dorso-ventral boundary in the rear.

<p&gt, (3) cupping method: simply cupping. The acupuncture cupping set tank 5-10 minutes day 1, 10 times for 1 course.

and considerations

(1) implementation of moxibustion should note that the typhoon shelter, warmth.

<p&gt, (2) to train on time in children with urinary habits during the treatment, scheduled to wake up at night up in children with urination.

<p&gt, (3) usually do not make excessive fatigue and attention appropriate to strengthen nutrition, should not be too much water before going to sleep at night.

<p&gt, (4) to the children with patient education, encourages its build up self-confidence, not to ridicule and discrimination, avoid fear, tension and its inferiority.

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