Traditional Chinese medicine “open ghosts door clean government” what do you mean?

& ldquo;Open ghosts door & rdquo;And & ldquo;Clean house & rdquo;The method is ShuiZhongBing TCM therapy.& ldquo;Ghosts door & rdquo;Sweat pore surface namely.In the process of promoting propaganda lung, namely, by dispersing pertains lung gas from the skin and fur make sweat it out.& ldquo;Open ghosts door & rdquo;That is sudoriferous meaning.& ldquo;Net mansion & rdquo;Refers to the bladder, and ldquo;Clean house & rdquo;That is the meaning of urine.

ShuiZhongBing treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, ldquo; to used &Open ghosts door & rdquo;And & ldquo;Clean house & rdquo;Method to make the moisture, remain in the body with sweat discharge or can from urinate eduction.

Han dynasty, according to ZhangZhongJing medical ShuiZhongBing neijing, governance, puts forward the theoretical guidance ldquo &;Waist above swollen when sweating, loins and swollen when the rdquo; urine &The specific cure swollen criteria.Follow the posterity namely a cure, syndrome differentiation and treatment of swell standards ShuiZhongBing essencial etiopathogenesis, received the ideal effect.

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