Traditional Chinese medicine “medical ethics” really means

The Chinese civilization is one of the world’s most ancient civilization.At the beginning of the originating in Chinese civilization, our ancestors also carry out medical activities in the original TCM is ecbolic professional misconduct.From legend of fuxi, shen nong tasting 100 grass, the ZhangZhongJing made nine needle to steal the saying, ask frequently fong and sun simiao fine often don’t tiredly, big, and modern medical sincere; this ink GuoChunYuan meticulous and the selfless dedication, TCM from ancient ancient medical surrogate birth, after successive physicians explains the body line and constantly inheritance evolution, enduring, becomes the impetus TCM medicine academic and career continue forward development intrinsic power.Explore and furbish up in the medical ethics of these famous doctors discussed today, all of the people, engaged in clinical medical education significance is working.


People-oriented, respect for life is the most important traditional Chinese medicine ethics ideological basis and the most outstanding humanities characteristics.Huangdi says days in the load, prepared to leah, deep-seated influence all things.XiaoGang “advise medical theory” of heaven and earth, but people wrote in the spirit.One way of heavy, life.The tang dynasty in the daughter of YaoFang sun simiao stressed in your life to heavy, a daughter.In the class ZhangJingYue middot; by the figure wing & ZiXu “deals with the way, life for healing in breathing, fate to should not CaiMo since fingers, sincere attempt, with error, heaven and earth Cardiff the living beings greatness.The doctor living, praise of heaven and earth.Ginseng two rooms, but born just, born not have what how he plans?These famous doctor everyone reiterated the as a doctor, must on the people and to life in high esteem and cherishing, great responsibility, notes to human life and never scamp them and take for granted.Meanwhile, they also specifically to all the people, to love and respect, if there is a disease, must not ask eritrea to advocate the poor, the distinction between the old friends Chi, hatred goodwill postures, Chinese tribes stupid-wisdom, general, is as same as the closest relative to the same etc, performance at the humanitarian thought colleagues fraternity.

Humane and thrive

Medical ethics belong to ethics category.In ancient China, the first surgeon everybody, give medical positioning for medical kindness Thompson supreme good spirit connotation, also strengthened the doctor professional sacred and noble.If the Ming dynasty in the compendium of materia medica & LiShiZhen middot; preface of the captains of the said the word, medical, a gentleman with health, and used to push, it is called the Thompson embodies.Ming pei intermediary in the speech also said medical “Thompson says medical why?Benevolence, namely days source of Richard, born in general thing I yearned, also.With the living heart, medical for the disease, judah on your disease.Secondly, they will also doctors good virtue, encourage, propel called gamani the heart with love healers who respect for life and treat patients, fraternity spherical multicellular colonies.If necessary GongTingXian the necessary in Ming dynasty “first to ten gamani is an save.But LiangZhen, BoShi jizhong, increasing variety, deep.Sun simiao in the big medical sincere in his book of professional Angle from the doctor performed by the gamani made business, and puts forward this paper is poor, the distinction between the patient regardless of his Chi, hua yi postures, stupid-wisdom to equally.The third would virtue good person or medical ethics good doctors called the benevolence, humanity as qualified as a doctor and moral judgment the basic standard.If YangQuan in the content of jin theory of Cardiff healers who pointed out, the charity and dostoyevsky, do not.In the qing dynasty YuChang law “in medical door that Thompson, medical, too.RenRenJunZi will tuk in sui, tuk, then see a man in feeling of judah, ask its suffering has to place since all.Therefore, humanity, Thompson gamani, TCM traditional medical ethics benevolence connotation is the three essential factors, only be ACTS of kindness of heart, will the people of medical truly become offers salvation Thompson.

The teacher’s principle is inheriting Chinese history departed shicheng cultural inheritance, also is an important way of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) development of evolution of important ways.As a kind of traditional Chinese medicine ethics in Chinese medicine academic associated moral culture, also has the obvious teacher way inheriting characteristics.Also because of this reason, can it inherits long before, continuously carry forward.Here in particular, many famous doctor in history to come first to investigate grenade is the virtue, students think that the charity, the clever not Daniel dostoyevsky suffer not also, not of honest chun good not believable.After the grenade is that they must through their verbal instrution, make oneself of the students eventually become namely have good art, and the true gamani healing.As the famous Gao has asked its lee to reject the Confucianism study Saul word tecn nilai learn find money on practicing medicine?Learn to preach the medical people?ROM tianyi answered unhesitatingly also to preach ears.Lee GaoSui gladly accept it as a disciple.Since then 10 years, ROM tianyi both learned lee Gao good medical ethics, and obtain the medical books.

Your righteousness base and

Your righteousness is cheap and theory of goodness mencius advocated by Confucianism, is a kind of values of one of the classical thought, the formation of traditional Chinese medicine with perfect medical with profound effect.Sun simiao in the big medical sincere “medical people may not be that of JingLve concentration has relies on goods, and shall not impose precious wealth, and medicine, make he difficult beg, since dazzle function.JuTong wu qing dynasty also wrote record “practicing medicine, not pity unfavorably healing the name, regardless of the panel, this is.FeiBoXiong also said the qing dynasty famous doctors for saving may be, for who will not profit and studied.My parents have to seek the CDC for example?My wife and children to a disease of the doctor for example?The air with the view, the heart from light yi.In addition, many physicians also physically, makes the model, such as bian que who usually traveled everywhere GuoGuo prince live without being gold of Ming dynasty painted with colored silks FanBin meet its poor patients received home free treatment, but also supplies necessary to save three diet in the qing dynasty, the lean weakness Shi accumulated thousands of gold of ancient and modern, etc, are all performance healing with heavy righteousness base and sufferings of people, moral character.

Fine art show DE

The fundamental task of medical lies in art alms, good medical ethics must with consummate skill of as the carrier.Therefore, the importance of the traditional Chinese medicine pure know-how as the fundamental tensity and basis.Sun simiao in the big medical sincere “emphasize the medical and fine until slightly, so scholars must bo extremely iatrogenic, fine often don’t grown weary.That is to say, CongYiZhe must from pure to micro place to deep understanding of responsibility for medical, which closed days continuously improve medical assiduously.QingRen WangShiXiong recorded in the rejuvenation of the doctor’s preface, strangers said the technique also, medical and not to have art, the shortage of strangers.He thinks a doctor without excellent skill, even gamani massiness, also cannot save useless, in danger.Jiao tone is pointed out that three people wood, art not fine would kill, and from his deathbed warned for posterity and not for medical talents can be realized, and then read million volumes can borrow embodies the operation.Otherwise, not the killer, is rare for blade. Also medicine erbiumThe remarks jiao tone it is a language p days, when for healers who remember reference.

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