Traditional Chinese medicine “eight methods of treating asthma”


(1), XieBiao propaganda of lung scattered cold drinks

The dirty for clear lung und deficiency of lively, to let the inhalation of the gas, with company called polluted can call appropriate chang, gas anger.The chill of the evil in fur, from the lungs, or science-based within both fell phlegm retention, to shut down, our warm angry machine for the lost company and inverse surge.If the disease see wheezing, cough up phlegm promoting bosom frowsty, thin nasal flow clear Ti, cold without khan, moss thin white, pulse float, who put to appropriate xuan tighten scattered cold, lung, cough with ephedra soup set wheezing Lord of.Cap to watch in the YuZhi should be firm with ephedra sinica, solution, therefore, almond adjudicates guizhi promoting lung, supplemented by licorice and keep Yin liquid that firm for tables set.If the in vitro evil attack Yin filled the inevitable YinDong volts drink, if pulmonary winding congestion, lowering QiNi right, to breathe.Card see wheezing cough and asthma, promote what is lean on interest must not lie, sputum bai qing dilute or show bubbles, and evil cold fever, no sweat, mouth not thirsty, pulse floating coating white and smooth, tight or slippery, put to appropriate XieBiao scattered cold, with the drink, propaganda lung zhongjing small qinglong tonga flavour.Cover, and within outside cold drink made with lung, therefore, to peel apricots ephedra soup, and I add XieBiao sudoriferous fructus schisandrae, dry ginger, asarum, France summer, before SuZi, white donnell, isothermal lung cough, smooth wheezing and drive down gas drinks.

(2) scattered cold heat, drop inverse smooth wheezing

Lodge have phlegm retention cough and asthma stay home, after feeling fell lung, inside and outside the pericardium, closed because of lung fits the cold air, ernie, phlegm retention fermented with mutual knot, list to illness.Person breathe heavily and eye if take off shape, spit color yellow, evil cold fever, headache no sweat, thirsty, red tongue, pulse FuHua number.Put to appropriate XieBiao scattered cold, clear lung with the menservants, square phlegm with Lord sprouting soup.Cap to hot drinks, full steam on internal canopy, has evoked a trend, abnormal frowsty rashness, person will help with ginger is boring, open their lungs ephedra sprouting Juan drink came inverse XinGan cold phlegmy, gypsum extinction, heat, cold and not through form clots, grass, dates, Ann was in the mixed the medicine.Because of the heat on drink, so it should be reuse gypsum, if drink hot and focus on the advisable.If phlegm retention heavy, table closed lighter, cough and fermented chest full, veins, and float, the cortex magnoliae officinalis ephedra soup for MaXingShi Kennedy soup to square with wheat, with licorice magnoliae gas, except full sprouting, dry ginger, asarum drink cough, fructus schisandrae convergence of lung qi.Thick phlegm viscous, cough inverse, always on gas spit turbidity, but sit must not lie appropriate hard pill qing diarrhoea, phlegm to gas pure have lung ning yi.

(3) heat phlegm, xuan smooth wheezing lungs

Because the pericardium invaded and in turn heat, company, or diet lost liver-wood, dyspeptic knowingly fatness, accumulate wet food born in the lung, heat, fumigation or lung known as accumulate hot, refined tianjin is phlegmy, phlegmy heat resistance in the lung, warm, all can not discharge hot gas cause lung and the surge in inverse promoting.Performance of shortness of breath and throat sputum Ming, cough up phlegm in yellow viscous, or vomit white sticky phlegm, thirst, like drinking, since sweat, face red tongue qualitative red moss yellow greasy, pulse slippery number.Put to appropriate heat phlegm, xuan smooth wheezing lungs MaXingShi Kennedy tonga flavour, commonly used Lord of.Party take ephedra is hard zinn and temperature of cold, gypsum, essien gedaliah cold in XinSanZhi shall be of economic, reactive without essien the disadvantages, dry conditions again licorice alleviate force strong, almond xuan its warm, accord with lung of the physiological function, the propaganda drop governmenteconomic;Add pericarpium trichosanthis, mulberry, zhejiang bei, former hu, bamboo RuShanQing gold phlegm lungs hot cough, heal the most wonderful balloonflower sputum scattered bitter diarrhoea, lead Zimbabwe sputum eduction.Share giving vent heat retention, smooth wheezing, make clear lung lung spirit in propaganda, hot pure have the disease self-healing cough and asthma.Such as much sputum flustered worse, can add nasal fan TingLi son, loquat leaf to the lungs BiJie liver-wood, increase the gas shit MangXiao yellow, with spilled hot purge.

(4) open YuHuo phlegm, drop gas to smooth wheezing

I’m sick of modern, sorrow for gas knot, lung gas closed resistance, angry machine disadvantage or depression hurt liver, anger on in the lung diseases, pulmonary gas inverse shall not be lowering, rise much reduced, QiNi and breathe.Its card visible suddenly shortness of breath, cough cough up phlegm, cough lead dizzy, pharynx pain in becoming unwell, bosom frowsty not comfortable, suffer from insomnia, palpitations, moss white, pulse strings.Put to appropriate line XieYu, drop inverse gas in the smooth wheezing, square and sprouting heid pill for the cortex magnoliae officinalis soup.Medicine with adjustable air ShuGan take incense, good depressed, coalbed bodied, tuckahoe, spleen, dry wet summer law [.tmp line qi and activate blood circulation, phlegm, gardenia heat except vexed, sichuan gas except full came piao XieYu estimations, Sue, ginger drop in inverse scattered cold, building the song and stomach. FeedSo for the match, with this, not for the surge and wheezing, stop it helped this beg source cure.If the and palpitations, insomniacs, add lily, night cane, p. tenuifolia calming nerves into YuHua fire and fire gas cough and asthma QiNi penalty gold, diarrhoea, usable add like white scattered YeSu drop fritillary, loquat lung gas, in order to enhance the effect of heat set wheezing.

(5), embellish lung qi smooth wheezing

For QiNi, see more heavily, but also common sputum filled the surge and no phlegm for asthma, this time, pulmonary home qi and Yin consumption wounds, and that gas displaced Lord, card see DuanQi, promoting pant timid sound low, gas, or sound eigthty-six low cough cough choke phlegm less, vexed hot dry mouth, throat adverse, red tongue moss strip or jin less weakness or count, veins.Governance by Ian cold cool embellish deficiency, Kennedy cold, focus on the fundermental nourish “Yin” primarily, embellish lung stop breathe heavily and common pulse scattered and born lily solid gold tonga Lord of taste.Party by birth GanHua Yin, pulse scattered acid qi, and dwarf lilyturf, lily carambola runfei 2, Yin heat angelica, donnell as soft liver raise blood clear lung, balloonflower fritillaria phlegm, loquat leaf, white mulberry adjudicates the lung licorice coordination phlegm medication.Close and use, can XuHuo cyanazine contentious enough, self-cleaning, sputum turn heat, deficiency wheezing lungs promoting refund self.If ReZhe five centers, low heat or bone skin, add structure.baiwei, altogether, plus the sputum sticky adverse sea clams powder cough very blood-tinged sputum person, plus cogongrass rhizome, lotus root section heat cool blood hemostatic.This type of asthma, into agent, namely after won effect should be aftercare taste.Cover soil for gold, pure gold female parent after, so will flourish regardless JinSheng, physical strength since the earth is recovery.

(6) the spleen, eliminating phlegm to set wheezing lungs filling

The middot meal asked &; cough theory “yue this all gathered on the stomach, lung, make the person is more about Ti salivary and QiNi also face dropsy.Cover for the day after tomorrow, the spleen main operation, to feed plucked lost cloth subtle knowingly fatness food, such as cold, or alcohol, injured, spleen function health shipped, the lost against gather and into the essence of pixu sputum, lung, it cannot be adjudicates sputum turbidity on lifting adverse, and inverse, for promoting pant.ShengTan clustering of pixu wet the pant, clinical when must distinguish specimens primary and secondary, flexible differentiation.If the card see cough and asthma, cough up phlegm and sticky, stuffy chest down and out on the mouth, tongue coating stay stuck the white greasy, pulse slippery, put to appropriate invigorating spleen, qi expectorant. Dry wetChenShang close jahaziel available two raise close tonga flavour.Party of two ChenShang for governance, especially the good agent sputum for wet phlegm is better.Match SuZi, white mustard, fry semen raphani and resolving, winter flowers, drop gas cough expectoranting YiRen cangzhu pant, set to increase its dry wet, spleen with du phlegm source.

If because of spleen yuan kui lack, lung angry and virtual, although wheezing condemn, but see god cough tired little gas since 1994, spontaneous sweating, complexion is weak, pulse demonstration.Put to appropriate treatment of the spleen yiqi, born gold.With 6 gentleman tonga flavour of the Lord.Medicinal taizi pilosula, roasted liquorice tonifying spleen lung of the gas largehead atractylodes rhizome, poria cocos spleen method summer, tangerine expectorant.Since sweat add astragalus, float wheat solid table eating less loose stools converges sweat the YiRen, Ephraim with flesh, sand benevolence, focal three fairy the spleen appetizing ZhuoJia born gas caved Qi yiqi solid table, the virtual wheezing. Since Chai

(7) fill kidney, lung, solid set wheezing breath

For the Lord of the lung, kidney gas for gas roots.Lung qi to drop by for the case kidney-qi is hiding. TanzaniaLong cough injury lung, lung gas shortage, gas displaced Lord, or labor to kidney damage, in essence, don’t solid, took to QiNi in najaf, taken, which can cause breathe.Card see wheezing, long, DuanQi shortness of breath, not less, more easily absorb call what pant, gas and timid sound low, much sputum clear thin, lumbar debility, tongue light moss white, pulse heavy fine, and this is the kidney empty lungs asthma.Illness in the appropriate on lung qi; beneath it, but for kidney, renal not ending on promoting gas-solid to breathe, and can prone cannot admire, shortage of card also.Medicinal ginseng fill the strength of the most male lung gas temperature, tokay, the power of the kidney ErYao phase wu is best for lung kidney. DoubleAnd the meaning of jinshui begets.Tuckahoe, roasted liquorice and spleen, almond, zhejiang in the next breath, altogether bayesian phlegm, white mulberry clear gold, diarrhoea lung with walnut, fructus schisandrae, Fried gingko nuts in order to enhance its kidney, lung, folding the effect of gas set wheezing.If pulmonary kidney Yin deficiency, cough, face red wait for disease debility, usable all spirit pill cutting, again and the taste, internalize receive town in governance kidney is swim blade enough to spare yi. Asthma

(8) of article smooth wheezing drink, polyester phlegm

Cause YuZhongJiao, generic gather pixu (spleen deficient water damage from spleen Yang, cold, was born in the lung and the stains on lowering disorders, angry machine inverse and breathe.Card see cough asthma, chest tightness, not the new PingWo rou GUI, cough up phlegm saliary, spit sticky more, sputum volume KouDan loose stools, stay, what is thin, bloated, tongue surface foot have teeth marks fat pale side, moss white and smooth, pulse sink string, this is Yang don’t turn Yin GanHua caused by essien, when Yang, the agent, gump > wet the WenYiHe zhongjing method should be borrowed.Party intends to gedaliah decoction and guangxi art) ChenShang flavored two.Party of guizhi, roasted liquorice, largehead atractylodes rhizome, tong Yang shipped spleen tangerine peels, poria cocos permeability light suits summer, tangerine dry wet method of phlegm smooth wheezing, magnolia officinalis drop inverse.If the spleen Yang could reasonably be in decline in soups, temperature yiqi.If days no longer, spleen Yang Yang will deficit for renal pant, its card cough and asthma, gas phrases on timid, gas as leg edema, sputum clear thin, palpitations, afraid of the cold, niaoshao, loose stools thin, the card, spleen and kidney Yang brings.With real WuShang close five scattered to add and subtract.)Party WuShang temperature in kidney Yang’s YinYi, cooperate with extinction) strengthening general YangLi scattered five water to remove water evil work.What if edema, wheezing than intensifies, plus aloes, promoting TingLi son in lung set breathe heavily and diarrhoea phlegm can add SuZi, qing diluted with card GuanShi, goose, its effect treats more).

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