Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of spleen specially “Sjogren’s syndrome”

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some long-term dry mouth, dry eyes, but do not think that is a disease, missed early treatment. Disease occurs when multiple system damage until they have Sjogren’s syndrome.

traditional Chinese medicine treatment of spleen specially “ Drying comprehensive syndrome ”

drying comprehensive syndrome is a violations outside secretion glands (salivary glands, and lacrimal gland, and Parotid gland,) of chronic systemic itself immune sexual disease, clinical main performance for mouth dry, and saliva reduced even eat dry food required water sent, and more made dental caries; eye dry, and has foreign body sense, and tear reduced even no tears; repeatedly Parotid gland enlargement; joint pain swelling; more system damage, including lung between mass lesions, and atrophy sexual gastritis, and chronic hepatitis, and blood system damage, and Lymphoma tumor and so on.

speaking of traditional Chinese medicine “ temper Mong Kok, body fluid ”, much less body fluid is caused due to spleen deficiency, lack biological body fluid, therefore strengthening the spleen can be effective in the treatment of this. By strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi in traditional Chinese medicine, biological fluid, tongda Yang Qi, can make the body fluid with Yang spread, deck, arrived at the mouth, eyes and skin and other parts, to raise the whole body viscera, and activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, tongluo analgesic agent can not only significantly improved symptoms such as dry mouth, dry eyes, joint pain, can also regulate the immune function.

through the diet can also achieve a certain degree of spleen in patients with purpose. Astragalus and Poria, main jianpi herbs for the month of atractylodes macrocephala and Yam, licorice, Chinese Yam, wolfberry fruit, Shan Yu meat, such as American ginseng, ophiopogon japonicus. In daily life, can the above drug consumption, such as with Fructus lycii and radix astragali and rhizoma dioscoreae burn porridge or soup. In addition, attention should also be patients with Sjogren’s syndrome usually less spicy pungent foods, stay away from alcohol and tobacco, not seen for a long time computer, TV screens. At the same time, those suffering from this disease resistance is reduced, should also be taken to avoid chill cold, not too tired.


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