Traditional Chinese medicine teaches you how to properly supplement

ingestion effects of traditional Chinese medicine is an important aspect of anti-old benefit life, long medical-practice of Chinese medicine for the thousands of years, has accumulated a large number of effects of fitness experience. With the compendium of Materia Medica by Li Shizhen in hundreds kinds of effects of traditional Chinese medicine. People taking replenishing Chinese herbs, you can improve the functions of the human body, postpone aging.

usually refer to the effects of traditional Chinese medicine herbs is divided into four categories: namely invigorating Qi, Chinese medicine, the blood type of traditional Chinese medicine herbs for the month, reinforcing Yin traditional Chinese medicine, BU Yang class. The Qi-invigorating herbs are: ginseng and codonopsis pilosula, and American ginseng and Astragalus membranaceus, atractylodes macrocephala and Yam, date etc. Blood traditional Chinese medicine: Angelica sinensis, Radix rehmanniae, donkey-hide gelatin, polygonum multiflorum, mulberry, longan meat etc. Reinforcing Yin herbs: radix glehniae, jade bamboo, ophiopogon japonicus, Lilium, medlar and black sesame. Invigorating Yang herbs: velvet, cordyceps, leeks, Gecko, eucommia ulmoides Oliv and Walnut meat. So, how to use these effects of traditional Chinese medicine it? is primarily based on the severity and the season of traditional Chinese medicine to choose.

, according to the effects of the illness

in Chinese medicine in the knowledge of diseases, diagnosis and treatment of disease, most particular about syndrome differentiation and treatment. This is a very prominent feature and principle, drug treatment, in replenishing option is the same, you must follow the characteristic of TCM drugs, distinguish between yin and Yang of qi and blood deficiency, differentiation, to really bring its tonifying effect.

Qi: when there is a weary fatigue, shortness of breath, do not want to talk or speech weakness, loss of appetite, bowels half congealed thin, a little exercise while sweating, can be sentenced for qi. You can take invigorating Qi, Chinese herbs, such as ginseng and codonopsis pilosula, Astragalus membranaceus, atractylodes macrocephala and Yam, etc, or to these various types of medicines or drugs decoction.

deficiency: often manifested as dizziness, sallow complexion, lips and zhijiagai color, light, heart palpitations and the menstruation of women. You can take the blood medicines, such as Angelica, polygonum multiflorum, donkey-hide gelatin, longan meat, moreover, with these drugs or medicines which are mainly or decoction.

YIN: common body weight loss, dizziness, tinnitus, dark red lips, insomnia, hot flashes, and sweating, cough and hemoptysis nocturnal emission. Selection of radix glehniae and jade bamboo, ophiopogon japonicus, Lilium, medlar, or dominated by these drug medicines, or decoctions.

-Yang: multiple in Pale, cold extremities, listless, soreness of the waist and the knees, self sweat and water cleaning. Choice of invigorating Yang herbs, like velvet, Cordyceps sinensis, Chinese chives, eucommia, walnut, or dominated by these drug medicines, or decoctions.

typically deficiency is not simple or just Qi deficiency and blood deficiency, Yin-Yang, but has close ties. Chinese medicine theory is that homology of qi and blood, the interdependence of yin and Yang, in pathology often influence each other. If qi cannot blood, blood deficiency will affect gas weak; yin deficiency can lead to Yang, Yang Yin deficiency, which may result, and finally can lead to deficiency of qi of yin and Yang are. Therefore, must be of the specific changes, proper use of the effects of traditional Chinese medicine.

the second, on time replenishing

speak of traditional Chinese medicine “ ” is not only explain the seriousness of deficiency of yin and Yang of qi and blood, and reflects one is a complete organism, reflecting the close relationship between human and natural environment. In the year, because of the different seasons of the season, the human body formed a different environment, traditional Chinese medicine think that spring and summer heat, and summer humidity and temperature, and cool autumn days and dryness, winter cold. These for human physiological and pathological effects of climate change and, therefore, whether in the case of health, or when in the presence of disease, be sure to use tonifying drugs according to the seasonal characteristics.

autumn weather turned cold, dry climate, the body began in a State of contraction, this season will often lead to some older people cough or sore throat, you can take some fluid moistening dryness of drugs, such as fried served with white crystal sugar, or add some more fritillary and better results, may also take Lily porridge, autumn PEAR grease. In spring, especially when it encounters a little snow Wen Cheng abnormal climate, liver disease-prone, at this point we can apply some drugs for nourishing the liver, such as wolfberry fruit, Ligustrum, chrysanthemum morifolium or chrysanthemum tea in Hangzhou. Human sweat more in the summer, think easy-injured body fluid and gas in traditional Chinese medicine, it can often drink green bean soup, Lotus root starch, such as Lotus leaf congee, Qi nourishing yin and heat control. In addition, higher summer temperatures, such as every rainy also make humidity increased significantly, so conducive to the propagation of bacteria, so summer are prone to gastrointestinal disease should always take huoxiangzhengqi water (pill), prevention and treatment. Cold weather in winter, to winter in cold insulation, the human body at the stage of preparing storage energy, tonics to be appropriate at this time, increase the essence and blood in the body, money, either cold resistance and growth of a good foundation for spring the following year. Available ginseng, medlar, polygonum multiflorum, eucommia, tianma, Walnut kernels of Cistanche deserticola, deficiency of yin and Yang are also taking jingui shenqi pill, temper the weak take ginseng pill for invigorating the spleen.

can be seen from the above, change all the year round and the choice of drugs are closely linked, if it does not consider different seasons, without differentiation analysis of drug use, mild cases do not meet the objective weight you will add to the disease, health-threatening. So, the four seasons of drug knowledge cannot be ignored.


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