To the world of traditional Chinese medicine International Union

The world of traditional Chinese medicine to build an international coalition

In 1995, the traditional Chinese medicine in China since the internationalization of proposed target far there is a variety of traditional Chinese medicines, really to go into the international market.To this, National People’s Congress to represent, tianjin TianShiLi group Co., LTD. Secretary of the party committee, the chairman 闫希军 puts forward, should innovate the management mode of operation, ldquo established &;Combination of TCM rdquo; international alliance &, the integration of domestic and international resources, solve the problem of enterprise partaking cannot solve, promote the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine. Realize breakthrough

闫希军 think, TCM internationalization are facing many bottlenecks, mainly displays in the culture of TCM difficult to be internationally recognized and accepted, the integration of Chinese and foreign related regulations policy not unobstructed, devotion is huge and risky, meanwhile, comprehensive talents are scarce.

In view of the present situation of the internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, he suggested, form by government departments, enterprises, universities and research institutions, financing institutions ldquo composed of &;Combination of TCM rdquo; international alliance &And at the national level ldquo; establish &Alliance & rdquo;Standing body.Each component unit according to their respective advantages bear corresponding division.Standing body coordinate the various government related functional departments (e.g. health department, state food and drug administration, state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.), exercise below functions:

One is the representative national interestsLdquo; to &Alliance & rdquo;Nominal come forward, organization alliance members in various foreign activities and consult with the foreign relevant agencies, organizations various negotiations on various occasions, the use of traditional Chinese medicine scientific culture spread to the world at the same time, play the major countries plant medicine (including traditional Chinese medicine) related rules and improvement of the positive effects for Chinese medicine to create favorable international policy international environment.

2 it is exercising & ldquo;Linkage and coordination & rdquo;function, organizational construction to the domestic innovation medicine enterprise as the leading r&d system, including Chinese medicine internationalization excellent varieties selecting and technical evaluation system, focusing on clinical study of technology research system, business negotiations and legal protection system as well as the investment and financing system, mobilize various power, achieves truly & ldquo;Officer rdquo; combination of endowment &The multi-level, multidisciplinary, thus fundamentally changing the effective interaction ldquo; now &Slogan many, little acting;Solo combat force, group rdquo; less &Passive situation.

Three is to ldquo established &;Combination of TCM rdquo; international alliance &Ldquo included &;1025 & rdquo;Major creating specialIn Chinese medicine, play the internationalization cause of socialist countries concentrate power & ldquo;Stressing the important, to do great things, to achieve & rdquo;Advantage.

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