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Reduced to zero TCM side effects will

According to the patient’s illness, factors such as age, physical condition, strictly mastering the poison play the use of drugs from small doses, generally start gradually increase dosage,.Without the guidance of circumstances, shall not take excess disorderly use.

1. Strictly abide by state drama about toxicity, limit the sexual medicine proprietary Chinese medicine management relevant regulations, especially about 28 species have strong poison of traditional Chinese medicine and four proprietary Chinese medicine management regulations.Like the western medicine as the drugs, have strong poison of traditional Chinese medicine proprietary Chinese medicine also should implement staff management, shop to save, specific varieties and content prescribed see chapter one section 5.

2. Whoever should according to law of traditional Chinese medicine processing are born disabled, tasted internal processing.

3. Formula personnel should be professionally trained, recipe hair medicine shall implement the system of check.Whoever TAB not clear or suspicious varieties only after they should check out clearly.

4. Note drug indication: according to research, about the lack of women sprouting gastric TaiQi, and patients can damage the gastric normal pregnant patients is no this ills.

5. Compatibility appropriate: for example, according to the report & ldquo;Rdquo; four inverse soup &Toxic than single application of aconite decrease 75%.When applied to prevent sprouting supplying multinational oems’ divisions caused by supplying multinational oems’ divisions to join the vomiting.


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