Tips of the detoxification effect of traditional Chinese medicine should be cooling to take

in General, around 9 o’clock in the morning and, is the body’s absorption of drug “ prime time ”, so that taking the best of traditional Chinese medicine.

drug but different Chinese medicines, medication time to pay attention to different. In General, the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and chronic diseases marked by deficiency of vital energy and lowering body resistance, should be 30-60 minutes before lunch to take and treatment of heart and lung disease and other diseases in General, it is usually taken 30 minutes after a meal is preferred to avoid drugs for gastrointestinal stimulation, reduce side effects; Chinese medicine to help digestion or stomach are stimulated, should also be taken after meals and tonifying and purgative laxative drug drugs should be meals on an empty stomach. Among them, laxative drugs such as rhubarb, hemp seed, preferably in the morning or taking during the day, avoid taking in or before going to bed at night; anthelmintic should also be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, while the soothing medicines should be taken before going to bed.

also, “ at home and drink ” most people drink herb tea habit. In fact, drink herb tea do not have to “ at home and &rdquo. TCM theory think, General of Chinese medicine decoction should “ take it warm ”, is drug soup fried Hou immediately filter out, in at room temperature decentralization to 30 ℃ ~37 ℃ Shi then drink, and pill, and bulk class proprietary Chinese medicines also should with temperature boiling water sent clothing; belonging to solutions table, and divergent cold of Chinese medicine, only should “ hot clothing ”, and can in medication Hou eat points porridge, and hot water, to help which; and check spit, and detoxification, and qingre of drug, is should “ cold clothing ”, so as not to caused stimulation.

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