Three categories of people should not be too fresh green beans

fresh green bean to three categories of people should not be too  

cold Constitution who has cold limbs, abdominal distention and diarrhea, will dilute and other symptoms and should not be too frequent consumption of mung bean soup. Because of mung bean cold, eating much will add symptoms, even other diseases.

<p&gt elderly persons, children and the Weak because of mung bean protein content in more than a chicken, macromolecular proteins need to be converted under the action of enzymes small molecule peptides, amino acids can be absorbed. And such person's stomach digestive function is poor, it is difficult to digest in a short time of mung bean protein, easily diarrhea due to indigestion.

is detoxification of mung bean in people taking all kinds of drugs derived from mung bean protein and organic phosphorus, heavy metals, such as form sediment. However, the efficacy of detoxification components will decompose, affecting treatment.

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