Teach your self-made drug of traditional Chinese medicine kneepad

the weather getting cooler, many elderly appears leg pain, swollen legs, action is not easy, some people choose to wear a kneepad to alleviate discomfort. Kneepad can help protect joints from pathogenic cold and suggest that the elderly can be self-made drug kneepad, achieve a better effect of preventive health care.

drug kneepad is put into a kneepad and activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis of traditional Chinese medicine, with equal amounts of Angelica sinensis, saffron, and frankincense, Aconitum system, preparation of kusnezoff monkshood, ramming into detritus, packed in a gauze bag, sew in the inside of the kneepad.

to prevent wear kneepad drug set to sink at the end, do at the end of medicine should be diluted, and then into small kneepad joints with a needle-like, so put on drugs after the kneepad, as the temperature rises at the knee, drugs are also getting hot, drug are continually volatile out into the body, activating blood, played for dispelling cold, reducing swelling, relieving pain and other effects.

need to be reminded of is that different types of arthritis, drug selection there are differences. If the wind is causing relapse, increased pain, then adding wind to on the basis of the above drug, can play a role in dispelling wind pain; if it is damp and cold caused by arthritis, you can add some semen coicis or aconite, to relieve the symptoms of cold, swelling and discomfort.


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