TCM treatment for epilepsy beginning with Anshen records

<p style="text-align:left"&GT; in real life, many people thought epilepsy treatment is difficult, so classified to the ranks of the incurable epilepsy, in fact, this perception is incorrect.

<p&gt China famous experts in the treatment of epilepsy, Hospital Director of Department of epilepsy in the founding of Professor Ji Xiulian explained: " in fact as long as the discovery of early symptoms of epilepsy and choose the right treatment method of treatment in a timely manner, can be recovered in the adhere to most of the epilepsy. &Amp;quot; included Professor: epilepsy, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, differential treatment is the basis for treatment.

Chinese medicine said: syndrome of epilepsy, recurrent attacks of Cove, the attack time will hurt blood consumption, Qi-deficiency and to push blood-free operation, the line slowly and stasis of blood. In addition brain trauma, and brain vascular disease, and head operation Hou and caused by epilepsy attack, TCM from syndrome, and tongue, and pulse of performance judgment for blood stasis caused by, therefore treatment epilepsy, to joined huoxue of stasis of products, epilepsy disease of treatment purpose main is control attack and prevention then attack, and most is in attack Hou for fundamental of treatment, dang prescription take effect Hou, not free changes or stop medication. Otherwise often causes Grand Mal, should adhere to the law defends party, perseverance to take, in order to avoid or reduce attack, than intermittent slow figure also available pills, powder, with a view to cure, prevent recurrence.

" Shen Chi balance therapy of traditional Chinese medicine " is on the basis of syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine theory, Professor Ji Xiulian concluded that a fundamental principle of treatment for epilepsy. In interview trap Professor special stressed: " epilepsy treatment of way has many species, need stressed of is, in treatment of process in the, is not clothing a drug or do once operation on can perfect solution of things, but need we patients and health care personnel of close science of tie, not only to avoid life in the any a will caused epilepsy again attack of dangerous work, also to note daily of diet, and as far as possible less by stimulation and so on, " overall,, to adhere to specification of treatment, cure epilepsy is not a difficult.

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