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The middot meal asked & DianLun hidden; and the spirit of the secret records: & ldquo;The heart of the monarch, the gods out official also stillness.& rdquo;The middot meal asked & menstrual function theory “: &; ldquo;Heart hidden god.& rdquo;& ldquo;Monarch & rdquo;Is the feudal noun, have the meaning of captain, above all, which means the heart in the habitat important role in viscera.

& ldquo;The gods & rdquo;Or & ldquo;God & rdquo;Refers to senior central nervous function activities.These functions by heart and hosted ldquo reflect, say so &;Lord rdquo; gods & heart.Explain previous understand each, including the central nervous system, the function.

Human organs, blood in the heart of the central nervous system activity, under the influence of the physiological activities of the unified coordination.Such as the heart had lesions, loss of function, other gods in command of zang-fu organs and physiological function may also be affected.

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