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TCM five shipped six gas theory posits that people living in between heaven and earth, and natural climatic effects by live normal, healthy climate is less disease, climate disturbance, abnormal can cause & ldquo;Sternness & rdquo;Pop, infectious diseases.And for climate disorders, abnormal speculation is a pattern, namely: every year with a large, dominate the near-earth space full-year climate characteristics, taking years a cycle;Taking the surface and inner under the climate factors says little luck, little luck has five 365.25 days a year, is divided into five section (5 luck), each shipment 73 days have strange;Taking the high altitude above six gas, climatic factors says it can be divided into six upcoming year section (six gas), every gas 60.875 days.

Five transportation, six gas each section separately in a Lord, guest two climate factor plays the role, namely shipment for main transportation, passenger, gas is the main gas, kind of points.The so-called & ldquo;Lord & rdquo;Year after year, namely the climate factors, is changeless by our location decision;The so-called & ldquo;Guest & rdquo;Every year, is different, there is always changing climate factors, is by the atmospheric circulation and sun space space factors.So, changing polite, passenger plus constant presence in qi, Lord, then shipped with changing over the large superimposed on those, in addition, the person with the shelf, different not turn five Wu, born grams produced by nature in different, but every space and our climate broadly similar rhythms.One kind appear in a time segments should can cause abnormal weather, polite and taking in more than five to climate disorders,’s five large free to add diam-eter strength attribute can lead to climate supernormal intense.Climate disorders or abnormal, on one hand, on the one hand, the human resistance down gas appear, often cause disease occurrence and popular infectious diseases.

Ancient physicians according to a, b, c, d, e, f, g, Michael essien,, aldehydes this ten heavenly nonylphenol in fixed & ldquo;Luck & rdquo;;The son, and ugly, singular, sockets, Calvin, already, afternoon, not, “, Ohio, xu-gou stepped to the twelve earthly branches, ldquo set &;Gas & rdquo;.Five predecessors combined with born every year, inference theory of feeble climate change with disease relationship.But many of whom are far-fetched to say, now with less.

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