TCM speak what blood-stasis?


TCM speak what blood-stasis?

Evil is the ups and downs of the change, for the happening of the disease, development and change and outcome, have important influence.The happening of the disease and development is the process of justice and the evil influence struggle.Vital qi, the human body has abundant disease-resistant ability, and diseases will reduce or don’t happen;If the vital qi deficiency, and diseases will occurrence and development.Therefore, the key is to change treatment of the power of the comparison to distinguish right, help the upright, dispel, to heal pullbacks transformation in the direction of the disease.

The centralizer:The drug is to use the centralizer or other means, to increase physique, raising disease-resistant ability, in order to achieve conquer disease, restore health purpose.Suitable for the disease, mainly auror virtual is ldquo neijing, &;But the rdquo; of& diarrhoeaApplying.According to different clinical condition, beneficial spirit, keep blood, nourishing, aphrodisiac, etc different methods.

To eliminate pathogenic:Is the evil, to dispel body and the purpose of straight answer.Suitable for the disease, is mainly pullbacks neijing, & ldquo;But the rdquo; of& diarrhoeaApplying.According to different clinical condition, and has published, tapping, clear solution under different methods such as guide and elimination.

Clinical use this principle, to foster the observed carefully earnestly and the ups and downs of the situation is changeing, according to both sides in the disease process to distinguish right the different status, set priorities, successively, flexibly.

Pure centralizer is only applicable to the virtual primarily;Pure and eliminate pathogenic applies only to the first bowls, mainly to eliminate pathogenic help regular applies to evil after and are not very empty bowls, after the first centralizer eliminate pathogenic fits is empty and evil not eliminate pathogenic worse, centralizer and by fits and the reality is empty, the so-called & ldquo;For rdquo; invigorating & attackAnd, of course also to distinguish is virtual reality, or more than real much less virtual less.If phantom mainly, and concurrently, centralizer by removing pathogens, the reality is more to give priority to, and to eliminate pathogenic lifter.Anyhow, want to ldquo with &;No evil, to eliminate pathogenic centralizer rdquo; without hurting are &For the principle.


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