TCM distinguish kidney Yang and kidney Yin deficiency


TCM distinguish kidney Yang and kidney Yin deficiency

TCM holds that, all things are divided into two aspects of Yin and Yang, the person’s kidney also have kidney Yin and kidney Yang points, kidney failure causes may be caused kidney Yin deficiency, also may be caused kidney Yang, therefore, to ascertain the cause kidney, classification and filling.

Tip:The clinical manifestations of kidney Yin deficiency: 1. The waist sour leg soft.2. Dry mouth, irritable.3. Palm fever.4. Love perspire.

Caused by kidney Yin deficiency of male sexual dysfunction, common can eat some of liuwei dihuang pill kidney Yin drugs, in addition also is very good method, supplements with mulberries, for example, son, and medlar conjee, also have pretty good effect.

Kidney Yang first will appear lumbago, because the waist of renal government office of, this kind of pain usually have cold feeling.Patient pain while, feel inside hair is cool, the waist is a typical kidney Yang performance.In addition, it extended to the whole body, the whole body also can appear fear of cold.Because kidney Yang is a fundamental, if the sun root weak, whole body’s sun warm glow of action will fall.

Tip:The clinical manifestations of kidney Yang: 1 lumbago and hair is cool.2. Cold feet urination.

Kidney Yang people fit to eat food with seafood, into rapeseed.The golden casket kidney can choose kidney shot of yan Pope wandeng.

Under the condition of kidney Yin deficiency fire easily flourishing, Yin deficiency, if this fire again use those tepid aphrodisiac, inflaming drug, and patient thermal is bigger.Conversely, if the patient kidney Yang, afraid of the cold, you again with some medicine, and Yin to patients also can’t stand,.


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