[tastes] “TCM hall by five points in charge”

Quot; hall & medicineFive quot; what into &Charge five points

Quot; hall & medicineFive quot; what into &Charge five points

What ldquo tastes; the abbreviation &Five into & rdquo;(see “the middot; XuanMing meal q & five gas article”).Five into the stomach, each have its happy viscera, namely & ldquo;Acid rdquo; the liver &, & ldquo;Michael essien into the lung & rdquo;, & ldquo;Bitter rdquo; the heart &, & ldquo;Salty rdquo; the kidney &, & ldquo;Kennedy rdquo; the spleen &.& ldquo;Five rdquo; what into &And relevant clinical drug therapy.

Five ldquo; banning abbreviation &Five forbidden [see “the middot; XuanMing meal q & five gas article”).& ldquo;Forbidden & rdquo;, avoid and taboos meaning.Due to the five internal organs, and five tastes the nature of each have partial, slant, so it’s easier to pathogenic shall be seen ban.Michael essien taste good go gas points, but sex Lord scattered, feed more then, so energy gas gas disease unfavorable feed more zinn flavour.Salty goodness go blood points, but feed more then blood coagulation astringent, so do blood disease unfavorable feed more salty.Bitter taste good go for its can help bone and heart operation fluid effect, so it is also called & ldquo;Never rdquo; the palace & mudu(see “the middot meal asked & DianLun Abram; and the spirit of secret).The trick of tri-jiao mudu joint many viscera and function is plays its role, especially the kidney, spleen, lung, etc are more closely related, such as the dirty dysfunction, can make the tri-jiao impassability, vaporization certified and produce swelling and childhood negative signs.


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Ldquo; explain & medicineFor rdquo; unionizing diarrhoea &

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