Taking materials to people of the magic of traditional Chinese medicine

review: a wide source of traditional Chinese medicine, which is the root, bark, insects, etc, but do you know? Some drugs are derived from people. We take a look at taken from people what are the magic Chinese medicine?

more than blood carbon —— human hair: also known as blood of more than human hair, concocting medicine also known as the blood more than carbon.

properties: its drug bitter lukewarm, bitter.

function: Hemostatic Xiaoyu, diuretic shengji.

practical application: 1, for the treatment of nose bleeding, blood spray, blood, bleeding, metrorrhagia and other of hemoptysis; 2, external use: Hemostatic health, muscle, or incurable ulcer treatment of traumatic hemorrhage, blowing nose-epistaxis; 3, symptomatic treatment of riding with blood stasis-heat urine does not pass, as a result of small abdominal distension pains or hematuria.

the first of the ten heavenly stems —— human fingernails: wash human fingernails and dry in the shade, grind into a fine end to use.

properties: sweet and salty, flat.

function: heat-clearing and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory analgesia, saprophytic muscle, improve eyesight.

practical application: 1, the treatment of chicken feet the wind: rice wine by swallowing; 2, hiccup, turning it into a cigarette igniting inhalation; 3, treatment of chronic otitis media: it is research into powder and Borneol and blow in the ear, drainage, convergence, anti-inflammatory effect.

<p&gt of human milk; properties: flat, sweet flavor with salt.

function: replenishing the five Zang-organs, puzzle filled essence, run Mania Shengjin, AIDS blood deficiency.

practical application: 1, for treatment of constipation knot, tough, red eye out tongue; tears 2, and red eyes, eye pain, eye diseases, eye drops available fresh milk; 3, made of human milk with eye drops, clinically for the treatment of patients with electro-optic eye, effect is very good.

<p&gt in urine of children with urine of boys below the age of ——3; properties: its flavor, salt, cold.

function: nourishing yin to reduce pathogenic fire and cooling blood to dissipate stasis.

practical application: 1, treat Yin deficiency fire Shing induced cough, vomiting blood, nasal bleeding and postpartum bruise; 2, topical treatment of traumatic injury, pain and swelling in the Red; 3, extracted from the urine of urokinase, a significant effect on the treatment of venous thrombotic diseases; 4, the treatment of coronary heart disease.


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