Syndrome differentiation and treatment is what mean?

Card, it is to point to in the course of disease development, in a given stage pathogenesis generalizations appeared.

Syndrome is through the looking, smell, ask, cut the four diagnostic differentiation material collected, on the basis of data analysis and synthesis, with discriminant disease, seek to determine the etiology, illness, predicting disease development trend position a diagnostic methods, is provide basis for clinical treatment.

The method of dialectics many, is the traditional through the long-term clinical practice continuously to create.In addition to the eight principles in front of differentiation, introduced mainly are: cause differentiation, qi-blood differentiation, viscera differentiation, meridian differentiation, six-channel differentiation, defend gas camp blood syndrome differentiation, triple, etc.Etiology mainly from syndrome differentiation analysis of etiology; judgeMainly applied in all kinds of zang-fu organs and syndrome differentiation miscellaneous diseases, intradermic injury is comprehensive use of other the method of dialectics, worked for the direct therapeutic create conditions;Syndrome differentiation and meridian qi, blood, body fluid and viscera and complement each other closely related, syndrome differentiation;Six-channel differentiation and guard gas camp blood syndrome differentiation of exogenous febrile disease respectively applicable to ldquo; andTyphoid disease & rsquo;And the & ldquo exogenous febrile disease;WenBing & rdquo;.In addition, the triple WenBing syndrome differentiation is one way.All sorts of syndrome differentiation between special, some content is crossed, when study shall fine acquisition experience, the relationship between them so that they can grasp.

Learn dialectical on the other hand is to recognize the difference between issuing and disease.

Disease is to point to have certain causes, a common characteristics of different stages, experience, although different patients expression can be different, but the basic characteristics and pathology is consistent.The understanding of disease of ancient, there is a process, some understanding and contemporary close, such as malaria, early in the second dry years ago considered a separate disease, some know appear not exactly, the current thinking is a kind of syndrome refers to a disease.Modern of mankind has a fairly common basic understanding, especially large amounts of infectious diseases, hereditary disease, reason of disease of molecular level already realized.Since such, differentiation and no significance?There is.This is because disease have different stages, the characteristics, the human body disease, characterized by different reaction different evidence, treatment due also and difference, party a cure-all for a law, not the best scheme illness.Second, and most important, the ancients called vary therapeutically because, namely because each different, strong or weak differ, endowment dwellings environment, diet structure, social environment, geographical environment, age, gender, undergo treatment is different, every aspect of the same kind of disease, performance, and reasonable obliged treatment have difficult to adapt to such differences, assigned to specific patients often is not the best treatment.Therefore, syndrome differentiation is for each specific patients, seize card give treatment of patients, provide the most suitable for treatment.A lot of clinical data show that this method can achieve therapy treatment, reasonable, curative effect is distinct, disease period shortens, sickness ease, quality of life improved, owe undoubtedly syndrome.

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