Syndrome differentiation and treatment – boil

Furuncle is an acute suppurative infection of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, often extended into the subcutaneous tissue. Most of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis. Human hair follicle and sebaceous glands of the skin usually has bacteria to friction and stimulation, can lead to boil. Furuncle often occurs in hair follicles and sebum coward-rich areas, such as the neck, head, face, back, Axilla, groin and perineal and lower leg. Multiple Furuncle or repeated in the body at the called Furunculosis. Common in patients with malnutrition or diabetes in children.

name. Small and limits of mild ulcer root disk. Volume four of the Liu Juanzi ghosts left party, also known as thermal Furuncle, stone Furuncle, commonly known as boils. The emergency ulcer of the daughter to volume 22 of the second “ where swollen root-Canton under an inch has boil, inch had small Carbuncle on, such as the douli blister. &Amp;rdquo; summer hot, prickly heat, or local heat small swelling Pyogenic points to boil. Because of heat-toxin be latent, or evil by the heat and the outside. Zhengjian Furuncle swell potential limitations, the color red, heat pain minor, shallow Foundation, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Treatment suitable for clearing, and activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis of agents, internal and external treatment of carrot, treatment see external Carbuncle. This is Folliculitis, or acute inflammation of the sebaceous glands.


originally, local appear red, swollen and painful nodules and later gradually enlarged, conical eminence. A few days later, Central due to necrosis and nodular soft, yellow white pus occurs suppositories; extend the red, swollen and painful. A few days later, pus thrombus shedding, pus discharge, and inflammation will gradually disappear.

boil General no obvious systemic symptoms. But if it occurs in the blood-rich areas, when the weakened body resistance, can cause discomfort, aversion to cold, fever, headache and anorexia symptoms of HIV blood. Facial, especially so-called “ dangerous triangle ” of Shang lip around and nasal Department boil, as was extrusion or find fault, infection easy along within canthus vein and eye vein entered cranial within of sponge shaped vein sinus, caused suppurative sexual sponge shaped vein sinusitis, appears extended and the eye and around organization of for sexual swelling and induration, with pain and tenderness, and has headache, and shivering, and high fever even coma,, condition is serious, mortality is high.

note that the skin clean, particularly in summer, you want to take a bath, shampoo and hairdressing, changing clothes, cut nails, children’s particular attention. Fried soup with honeysuckle, wild chrysanthemum tea. Boil around the skin should be kept clean and 70% alcohol applied, to prevent the infection from spreading to nearby hair follicles.

treatment measures

available to inflammatory nodules compress or physiotherapy (heating, infrared or ultra short wave), topical, red plaster or ichthammol ointment of Jinhuang ointment. When the pus-head, can be in the top point carbolic acid coating. When there are fluctuations, incision and drainage of early. Furuncle of immature, not Ying Liyi squeeze to prevent spread of infection.

facial Furuncle, boil and boil disease with systemic symptoms, sulfonamide drugs or antibiotics should be given. And rest, vitamin supplements, appropriately increase nutrition.

<p&gt the treatment of: (I) points

main point Shinto to Yang.

point large vertebral, the gate of life.

<p&gt, (ii) treatment

needle to a specially-crafted stainless steel needle. Main point needle 72 mm long (needles of 55 mm, 17 mm needle handle), diameter of 1.2 mm; point needle length 64 mm (PIN of 47 mm, 17 mm needle handle), 1 mm diameter.

to the main points, physical strong increase for short course, vertebral, long course, physical weak distribution gate of life. Operations take the points with his left hand after a fixed margin of spinous skin, her right hand under the needle at a 30 degree angle quickly into the skin, then the needle down close to the skin, puncturing slowly through the ridge down the middle. Primary acupoints needling 55 mm point about 40 mm, needle shall be parallel to the middle line of the Ridge, needle 1-6 hours (3 hours or so for a long time). Pin 1 times a day, 10 times for a course.

<p&gt, (c) evaluation of

clinical standards 1, recovered clinical symptoms disappeared, white blood cell count in the normal range; slightly improved or not improved 2, invalid.

a total treat Furuncle, boils, Carbuncles 2,099 cases, recovered by 2017 (cure rate 96%), pin 1 of them be 193 cases.

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