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Traditional Chinese medicine knowledge expression defining and uselessly in People’s Daily life, as a – kind of common sense to understand Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine and TCM, know you are Chinese!

Know some Chinese medicine & mdash;& mdash;Introductory article

A, Yin and Yang & mdash;& mdash;The variation of the real world descriptor

1. The significance of Yin and Yang of dynamic explain everything evolution starting point.

2. The Yin and Yang of the meaning:

Yang & mdash;& mdash;Promote, leading, just hold

Yin & mdash;& mdash;Keep hold, ChengYing, complaisant

3. The reality of Yin and Yang

The geographical environment, the living environment, gender, human body structure, seasonal climate, psychological mood, color, music.

4. Dynamic understanding of Yin and Yang

Transformation, the traffic.The visibly changes.

Two, five elements & mdash;& mdash;Real world locator

1. What is & quot;Quot; five &

Walker and tao.Tiandao five line.

2. The characteristics of five elements

3. The relationship between the five elements (begets, phase grams, multiplication, phase Wu)

4. See the world from the five elements (location, creatures, tasty, 5color), one content and provide five line.

Mdash; three, nutrients && mdash;The source of creation of life

1. The essence of life is the essence of activities.(gather clutch)

2. Nutrients from nature.

3. Conservative principles of nutrients is health.

4. Remain extremely cheer

Four, heaven corresponding & mdash;& mdash;The source of the order of life

1. The unity of man and nature.

2. Protecting natural is to protect themselves.

3. The human body integral unity.

4. Sick of people and people sick.

5. Maintain harmony, maintain unity.

Five, visceral mdash; meridian && mdash;Our body structure diagram

Yin yang-five elements really is a kind of epic and profound theory.Imagine, will the whole vast universe all receive to such a bag, the mystery was not suddenly all understand.Like Einstein’s famous equation E = MC2 (base), and the result is simple, and the derivation and formula, the philosophy behind the significance of less anyone can accurately.Fortunately, we don’t need to derive these mysterious things, while only know some ready-made common sense, and then to use in accordance with the gourd ladle just draw.Here, we will learn how to from Yin yang-five elements to analyze the structure of the human body, and the mechanism of operation.Don’t think it is complicated, although modern medicine always think that the human body is the world’s most complex machine, but judging from the traditional Chinese medicine but simple!

1. Life operation principle

Yin Yang (alienation of);Yang turn Yin (assimilation) & mdash;& mdash;metabolism

2. The derrnatopathy & mdash;& mdash;The essence of biochemical factory

(1). The heart: Lord god;Main veins;Should tongue;In volunteers for pleased (regime leaders)

(2). Lung: Lord gas;Lord fur;Should the nasal;In volunteers for grief (administrative agencies)

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