Summer herbal tea five categories of people should not drink

Five summers cool tea humanoid unfavorable to drink

The deficiency of summer should drink constitution by American ginseng, prince and made such as substitute cool tea and tea.

The chill cold summer air temperature too low or because of the rain and cause a cold person, if the performance is afraid of the cold, runny nose, then drink cool tea, against a cold easily aggravating symptoms of cured.

Menstrual blood female female menstrual period in the state, lowering, then if drink cold sex is cool tea, vulnerable to stagnate, qi and blood eduction occur, triggering dysmenorrhea, serious unsmooth can cause menstruation to be not moved.

Pregnant women and new mothers is medicine 3 minutes poison, in order to baby health, expectant mother had better not drink cool tea.

Just after giving birth to her mother body prostrated, drink cool tea not conducive to the postpartum visceral functions restored, will also hurt and taste, cold pain in the abdomen triggered later.

The elderly and children the elderly relative disfunction of infant disfunction abate, not perfect, contain cortex phellodendri, radix scutellariae the composition such as cold cool, cool tea too will further damage their taste, cause indigestion, anorexia, diarrhea, etc.


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