Summer floral water supposed to use?

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summer floral water supposed to use?

summer, but also to the toilet water when perform. Because composition containing some clearing of toilet water, swelling pain of Chinese medicine, so toilet water in addition to dispelling prickly heat antipruritic, healthful tea refreshing brain, prevention of mosquito bites, but also has some sterilization, sterilization effect. Home-standing a bottle of toilet water, you can make life more comfortable and warm.

toilet water is what to do?

toilet water is liquid distilled from Honeysuckle flowers or Lotus leaves oil as the principal spices, combined with a perfume made of alcohol products. Toilet water is the main function of the decontamination, sterilization, anti-prickly heat, itch, at the same time dispel bromhidrosis by a summer season of good hygiene products.

toilet water used in the flavor and slightly worse, and had low levels, generally 1%~3%, perfume lasting aroma than other alcohol solution. Needed to make toilet water flavors and spices and more with the fragrance of lavender oil as the main useful rose of musk. Alcohol concentration for 70%~75%, this ratio easy to infiltrate inside the bacteria, the protoplasm and nuclei protein denaturation and loss of vitality, thus sterilizing effect stronger. In order to prevent sedimentation, can be supplemented by a small amount of chelating agent (sodium citrate), antioxidant (di-tert-butyl-cresol) and Sun-proof alcohol-soluble pigment.

toilet water mainly for fragrance flavor, more popular mainly of lavender oil scent. Toilet water contains the amount of alcohol-soluble pigments, color dominated by light, light-green, yellow, green, blue, and so on, give a sense of cool.

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