Study: edible lycium barbarum can traditional Chinese medicine jiangtang

edible lycium barbarum can traditional Chinese medicine jiangtang

active components in lycium barbarum polysaccharides of lycium barbarum of traditional Chinese medicine, there is an increasing trend on serum insulin levels, and has the function of islet cells repair damaged, Tian Limei confirmed by Dr pharmacy in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang, China Medical College. Funds under the support of science and technology in Heilongjiang province in recent years, Dr Tian Limei Mudanjiang Medical College has thus undertaken a large number of experimental and clinical study on the basis of observation. Results show that lycium barbarum can significantly lower the blood glucose in diabetic animal models of traditional Chinese medicine, elevated serum insulin levels, repair damaged pancreatic islet cells and promote regeneration of pancreatic islet cells. This match exactly the conclusion with pancreatic morphologic examination results. In the clinical, lycium barbarum extract in treatment of 35 cases of diabetes, Excellent 30 cases, effective in 3 cases, total effective rate 94.3%.

further research and analysis found that lycium barbarum polysaccharides from Xylose, mannose, glucose, arabinose, 6 kinds of neutral Monosaccharides, 18 amino acid and galacturonic compound composed of polysaccharides, and there is a specific sugar peptide structure. &Amp;alpha;-glucoside Enzyme Kinetics studies show, 0.4 mg of lycium barbarum polysaccharides on Α-glucosidase inhibition rate of up to 52%; when 2 mg is LBP, inhibition rates as high as 88%.

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