Stop using FAT sea-tea drink

Don’t use PanDaHai tea to drink

PanDaHai can treat pharyngitis, tonsillitis.But someone after take may appear allergic reaction, long-term use of toxic reaction will happen.

Traditional Chinese medicine PanDaHai for wutong families, the seeds of PanDaHai deciduous trees, taste fresh and Kennedy and sexual cool.Into the spleen, lung, kidney via.Function: runfei open sound, qingrejiedu.Attending a dry cough no phlegm, sore throat, sound dumb, red eyes and teeth pain, etc.Because PanDaHai be runfei open sound effects, people tend to such as taking it as a tea.Little imagine, PanDaHai not & ldquo;Insurance & rdquo;Medicine, which had certain side effects, and allergic reaction number.Clinically also often see some allergic reaction of cases, performance for taking PanDaHai soaked fluid, the body skin after scratchy, diffuse flush, general is full of big papule and wind regiment, lip edema, companion is giddy, flustered, bosom frowsty, nausea, blood pressure drops, serious can be life-threatening.Thus, PanDaHai cannot when tea, not all appropriate product men, women and children, not to abuse of long-term high-dose robes.

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