Special effects of epimedium than kidney and strengthening Yang

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 <p&gt supplementation; "properties owned by the" Xin , Gansu, and temperature. Liver and kidney.

the “indications” tonifying the kidney and Yang, strong bones, rheumatism. Used for impotence, wet dream, their muscles paralysis soft, rheumatism arthralgia pain, numbness and spasm; climacteric hypertension.

think of epimedium acrid sweet flavour of traditional Chinese medicine, temperature, tonifying the kidney and strengthening Yang, and wind-dispelling dehumidification effect.

epimedium stem epimedium leaves contain Glycoside and essential oils. Proven, epimedium are male hormone-like effects, its effectiveness than the Gecko and the hippocampus. Clinical displays, which promote the secretion of semen, so that after the seminal vesicle full of semen, which in turn can stimulate sensory nerves to stimulate libido induced penile erection. At the same time, epimedium can inhibit the vasomotor center, expansion of peripheral vascular, cause the blood pressure to drop and antitussive, expectorant and antiasthmatic activities to relieve asthma, the polio virus, white Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureus, also have significant inhibitory effects.

epimedium on clinic mainly for the treatment of reproductive, bone and joint, respiratory disease.

compatibility of radix rehmanniae Preparata epimedium, Chinese angelica, atractylodes macrocephala and medlar, eucommia, curculigo, and Morinda, Cornel, cnidium, leeks child, Cistanche deserticola, system of a child, cinnamon, called “ Tsan Yuk Dan ”, cure impotence, premature ejaculation. Epimedium furnished Wu Weiling, xanthium, chuanxiong, cure joint pain. Epimedium informal, fried decoction gargling, cure toothache. Preparation of epimedium and dwarf taking tea soup with fried, chronic bronchitis, its expectorant and antitussive effects more distinctly. Preparation of epimedium and Huangqi, dangshen, aconite, asarum, ephedra decoction with use, treatment of sick sinus syndrome and atrioventricular block.

but need to be reminded of is that there are dry mouth, hand, foot and heart fever, hot flashes, night sweatsSymptoms, Yin deficiency fire is a traditional Chinese medicine, you should not be taken of epimedium.

clinical application of epimedium

1. treatment of polio

2. treatment of neurasthenia

3. treatment of chronic bronchitis

4. effects on endocrine

5. effects on immune system function


7 effects on the cardiovascular system.

8 effects on the blood system. effects on the metabolism of


10 anti-osteoporosis. effects on sexual function of

11. effects on microbial

12. relieving cough , Expectorant and antiasthmatic effects

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