Spain flies would not fly?

“ Spain flies ” are called “ &rdquo cantharidin; Chinese medicine. Coupled to the drug properties, extremely poisonous, used to treat malignant tumors on the clinical and stubborn skin diseases such as psoriasis, whichever is “ fight poison with poison ” means.

Spain flies is an emerald Coleoptera insect chitin, a blister beetle, build small, generally about 15 to 22 mm long, 5 to 8 mm wide, often living in plants of Caprifoliaceae and Oleaceae. Joints can secrete a scent of spicy yellow liquid Cantharidin and spot contain up to 5% of Cantharidin insects destroying the roots of seedlings in vivo, can stimulate the animal’s tissue.

: Xin, hot; very toxic. Liver, stomach, kidney Meridian.

function: broken blood zhuyu de gurgling, Challenge sanjie.

classics of traditional Chinese medicine think of cantharidin acrid flavour, hot; very toxic. Have strict limits on the amount, needs a few ease its toxicity when used and restricting its potent Chinese medicines, will result in heart, liver, spleen, lung, renal toxicity of multiple organ damage, serious will be fatal. Main components of cantharidin is cantharidin.

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