Sexual PE refers to seven loss eight?

Sexual PE refers to seven loss eight?

Mention in huangdi neijing, slightly know a little Chinese medicine people know that this is the most famous classical Chinese medical him.So far, the book is also regarded as a book required to learn Chinese medicine.& ldquo;Seven loss rdquo; eight PE &In fact, the statement of this more than 2,000 years ago in huangdi neijing had mentioned & ldquo;Seven loss rdquo; eight PE &In theory, the health and the proviso no details about the content of the seven loss eight benefit.Until the precious miu tomb of changsha unearthed copied the world to medical bamboo slips in “word about ldquo; just had &Seven loss & rdquo;, & ldquo;PE & rdquo; eightThe specific content of room body-keeping for shousands of our country, this is the theory of atrioventricular physician significant contribution.But make the offspring opinions differ debated the historic unsolved, unable to agree to revelation.

“The world to word about” mentioned in the ldquo &;Seven loss & rdquo;Ldquo refers to &;A yue closed, two yue diarrhoea, three yue thirsty (dried), four yue eph (don’t), five yue vexed, six yue absolutely, seven yue fee.& rdquo;

Use modern language to explain, seven loss is mainly refers to the strengthening of harmful to human body sexual practices, namely: the seven at the handover in both sexes, reckless action happens by rough pain, causing illness, this is & organs ldquo;Closed & rdquo;(shut inside);When the essence XuHan dripping wet, brought ldquo diarrhoea, call and go;Discharge & rdquo;(leaked);Without moderation, sex sexual McLoughlin, called & ldquo qi depletion;Dried & rdquo;;But & ldquo;Eph & rdquo;Although there are strong refers to the sexual impulse, but not lift up not because of impotence;When heart trouble therewith, brought for & ldquo;Vexed & rdquo;;Party to request and the other party forced anamorph of when, when both sides brought to the special physical and mental health is very adverse, like an impasse, so called & ldquo;Absolutely & rdquo;;When mating, neither too rapidly, in body and cheerful fantastic without compensation, in vain, this call & waste energy ldquo;Fee & rdquo;.The ancients with very image language spoke in room room in the physical and mental health of seven practices, if bad of the seven loss convicted, often backfire, counterproductive, and cause disease, this explanation for today’s us, still has its important scientific meaning and reference value.

Aimed at strengthening the harm to human body in sexual practices and the ancients and the seven forward atrioventricular life beneficial to human body eight kinds of methods, namely & ldquo;PE & rdquo; eightLdquo refers to: &;A yue cure gas, two yue cause foam, the three yue wisdom (know), four yue livestock breath, five yue and foam, six, seven yue qi yue theft temple (stay) win, eight yue shall pour) granule (.& rdquo;

Here introduced one for the concrete methods of eight benefit.Namely: one, two, modulation nutrients and caused the body fluid, three, master appropriate handover time, four, five, to reconcile the essence, keeper buildup, six, Yin liquid nutrients, seven, eight, prevent, keep filled with impotence.

Sex have cheerful, enhance the couples a fantastic role.& ldquo;Seven loss rdquo; eight PE &Is the ancients in the law, when follow brought in sex process we also want to be good at using & ldquo;Seven loss rdquo; eight PE &Methods to cultivate sex.Due to the atrioventricular things a seriousness, making life subject to the health care this important principles, and to benefit by strengthening body, prolong life purpose.

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