Serving a traditional Chinese medicine during the diet attention

Generally speaking, the Chinese herbal medicine in taking clear when comparing, unfit to eat green, garlic, pepper, mutton, vinegar etc hot sex food;Typhoid, should in treating cold food, fastCapsule containing radix rehmanniae, radix polygoni multiflori drugs, not taken Onions, garlic, turnip;Take the traditional Chinese medicine with mint, should not eat turtle meat;Poria cocos is unfavorable to eat with vinegar;Eat turtle shell, unfavorable matchs three-colored amaranth;Taking lapactic agent, such as large cap when gas soup, fat-soluble pill, unfit to eat greasy and difficult to digest food;Drive bug class traditional Chinese medicine also should avoid greasy food, and with fasting medicine advisable.In sick during cold medicine, all belong to a batter, to digest food such as bored as chili, should avoid to eat.

To face is several and frequently used traditional Chinese medicine phase of avoid food, application should pay attention to:

1. Such bitter soa medicine tonic ding, date, avoid honey liquorice etc sweet food.Because honey, big jujube can cover the sweet taste of food such as acrid, thereby reducing the bitter taste of the nerve endings of stimulation, reduce its soa role.

2. ShuangHuangLian avoid garlic.Double yellow is qingrejiedu, treat these wind hot common drug, sex and cool, and garlic sex hot.At the same time ShuangHuangLian served if consumed in garlic, will reduce efficacy.

3. FaHanYao avoid vinegar and cold food.Vinegar and cold food, clothing convergent effect if the drugs with delight and at the same time edible pharmacodynamic balance.

4. Ginseng avoid turnip, garlic.American ginseng is common tonic, and radish have ShunQi, digestion, taking the role of the carrot will dissolve ginseng, loved.Similarly, in eat other drugs, greatly tonifying after a hour can’t eat turnip, garlic, etc digestion of food.

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