See how Wu jutong’s theory of “PEI ginger”, with ginger

The qing dynasty famous doctor wu usually took a old bowed with small silk bags of dried ginger, says pelosi full-dress wear body ginger, to avoid plague evil influences.

One day, he found one in a suburban CunFu bai faint, waiting aside husband foot.Asked reason, know the woman followed diarrhea.Wu JuTong diagnosis their chakras tongue, for cold dampness diarrhea collapse, they take Peggy sun syncope, ginger told her husband, namely to deliver quickly Fried in the shade for point rubbing.CunFu limbs served after turn warm asymptotic ginger soup, mesh zheng god complex.

The son of a wealthy more than ten years, often drink soup feeds fresh bamboo chicken.A year later, the form gradually angular, fiery anger, often dizzy, then please ask for JuTong wu.Mark JuTong wu again after eating and living details, and ask the ginger juice, took a pounding two jins of the mixing alum fine flat handleless cup, with frequent irrigation chopstick pry tooth to drink, instantly revive.Sprouting like eating bamboo chicken feed bamboo chicken, patients to indirect sprouting poisoning, ginger solution, so perlocutionary sprouting poison.

Comment on this story was about a few, ginger ginger is blindly condiment in traditional Chinese medicine, but it can be played an important role.According to the root of Chinese magnoliavine was ranked XinWen recorded, ginger sexual flavour, into the lung, spleen, stomach after.Have XieBiao scattered cold, warm suspend ou, phlegm, and cough function.The story of front say clearly, that lady is due to the collapse diarrhea caused dampness, ginger can warm this card is cold, offered.The second story spoke about the role of ginger detoxification, ginger can not only solutions can also be solution sprouting poison poison, so we fish crab in eat crabs, tend to dip in ginger, on the one hand, the cold sex restrict crabmeat, on the other hand have detoxicification.Here to remind everybody, ginger sexual flavour XinWen, for virtual cold sex constitution or properties of cold sex disease is more appropriate.Thermal physical or disease true hot or tepid disease must careful with or without.

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