Scorcher takes its toll on Knox/eastern heal

&8220;I spent two full days in the ED and I think I only saw one person under 80.

&8220;Emergency departments have been run off their feet because of the heat,&8221; Dr Bissinger said.

She said during hot weather elderly people needed to stay inside, out of the garden and try not to go for walks.

She said admissions to teastern health wantirnahe emergency department at Angliss Hospital coupled with those treated at Knox&8217;s 51 doctors&8217; surgeries meant more than 100 elderly people would have sought medical attention on each day of the heatwave.

MORE than 300 elderly Knox residents were rushed to emergency departments and GP clinics suffering heat-related illnesses during last week&8217;s scorching conditions.

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Scorcher takes its toll on Knox/eastern heal,Greater Eastern Primary health chairwoman and Knox Private emergency department doctor Wendy Bissinger said doctors were under the pump as people wilted and the mercury hovered around 40C between January 30 and February 1.

&8220;There is quite a bit of gastro and viral respiratory bugs going around and add heat to it and a short illness becomes a prolonged hospital stay.&8221;

Dr Bissinger also estimated that about 30 Knox babies needed medical aid each day, during the hot weather, becausScorcher takes its toll on Knox/eastern heale they were also susceptible to heat-related illnesses.

She advised them to turn on the airconditioning, dress lightly and drink one-and-a-half times more water than normal.

Dr Bissinger said she watched at least 20 people over 75 being brought to the Wantirna hospital each day with heat-induced symptoms.

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