Role of beans: effect of mung bean black beans in the liver and invigorating the kidney

The role of mung bean patch liver kidney hyacinth,

In daily life, you can use ldquo TCM preserve one’s health &;Red bean fill the heart, spleen, mung bean patch for soybeans BaiDou fill lung, liver, kidney bean, black beans fill five rdquo; some other &Theory.Legume food is a kind of high protein, low adipose food, it contains rich plant protein, its protein content reaches as high as 30% to 50%, its physiological value with flesh comparative almost.

Mung bean fill liver:

Mung bean not only has the good edible value, but also has very good medicinal value, have & ldquo;The bread of borrows rdquo; valley &Say, is the pharmaceutical homologous food.Mung beans contains a lot of protein, vitamins B and calcium, phosphorus, iron minerals, whitening, lighten spots, clean the skin, dispel cutin, restrain acne effect.Often feed mung beans have assisted step-down role.Mung bean has good qingrejiedu role, is the most popular summer of good taste.

Red bean fill the heart:

Red bean and name LiShiZhen, red bean, was also called & ldquo;Rdquo; heart valley &.Ormosia contains more dietary fiber, has the good embellish aperient bowel, fall blood pressure, fall hematic fat, regulate blood sugar, detoxification anti-cancer, prevention stones, strong and handsome the effect that reduce weight.Red bean has good diuresis effect, can the wine, detoxification, heart and kidney disease, edema, all have certain effect;Ormosia contains of folic acid, is the puerpera, the good food nurse galactagogue.

BaiDou (in particular) fill lung:

Kidney bean rich nutrition, still contain rich vitamin C, protein content than chicken, the calcium content of seven times more for chicken, iron content for chicken 4 times that of B vitamins and also higher than that of chicken, kidney bean can strengthen disease-resistant ability, enhance human immunity function, kidney bean or a rare high potassium, GaoMei, low sodium food, especially suitable for heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood fat, hypotension) and avoid salt patients edible.Eat to kidney bean skin, hair have benefits that it can improve skin metabolism, prompting the body toxin, have the effect that reduce weight.


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