Reasons for eating Dietetic restraint of traditional Chinese medicine

Practice has proved, avoid certain food for a reason.Because we usually eat all kinds of food have their own performance, the disease occurrence, development and drug treatment function all can produce certain effect.

TCM the prohibited reasons

1, with medicine should not be when eating certain foods, lest reduce curative effect or worse.Taking clear of traditional Chinese medicine, colds and not eating Onions, garlic, pepper, mutton, vinegar etc hot sex food;Ldquo; in the treatment of &Cold syndrome & rdquo;Take Chinese traditional medicine, cold food should be fast.Taking these drugs, if ate taboo food, curative effect is not ideal even have adverse effect.

2, don’t drink tea served traditional Chinese medicineBecause tea contains tannic acid, strong tea contains tannic acid in traditional Chinese medicine, and more can affect human body with clothing for the absorption of TCM, reduce curative effect;Other beverages such as coffee, coke, Sprite shoulds not be to drink;Should give priority to drink boiled water.

3, gets a cold or pediatric rashes when not thoroughly, unfavorable eat cold, sour se, greasy food;Treatment for qi stag. and cause bosom frowsty, abdominal distension, unfit to eat beans and sweet potato, because these food can cause bilge gas.Other such as oedema patient aoid salt;Hepatitis patient diet acrimony, greasy.

4, asthma and allergic dermatitis patients, should eat less chickens, sheep, ZhuTouRou, fish, shrimp, crab, etc.Because during an asthma attack, eggs, milk, fish, shrimp and other high protein food will become worse ldquo the &;Those & rdquo;And, because disease relationship, whether taking any medication, whoever is fat, such as cold, not easy digest or foul special excitant food, should avoid certain food.

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