Radix isatidis on pregnant women has harmed you?

For pregnant women have root damage?

Constant somebody in a cold drink a day after two bags, root.Actually, root is not suitable for all people, especially pregnant women.

Due to the root of extreme sexual flavour, people take root in health condition overmuch, will hurt taste, but easy to cause some disease, besides pregnant?

The constitution slants cold empty spleen, often feel with, easy diarrhea, body, for fear of cold drink root, had better not exceed three days powder.Especially for the children, not perfect, harming the function, easier to take root more symptoms such as cause indigestion.

Secondly, to avoid to use allergy to root.Allergic reaction majority caused for the root of injection, characterized by dizziness, shortness of breath, vomiting, flustered, skin rashes, sometimes for the whole body of erythema polymorphe exanthema, serious blood pressure drops and appear anaphylactic shock, rescue not timely will have life risk.In addition, with diabetes also is unfavorable take sugary root granules.

If long time, in a large dose of liver ability to detoxify drops, can cause accumulation poisoning.Appear the digestive system and hematopoietic system damage, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, leukopenia, etc.

Therefore, pregnant women constitution slants cold person had better not drink root.


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