[QingYang TCM theater] to real limbs turbidity Yin organs

& ldquo;QingYang & rdquo;Refers to the gas of teh body light clear;& ldquo;Turbidity Yin & rdquo;Refers to the physical body heavier turbidity.

The middot; meat asked & should be like big theory of Yin and Yang ldquo pointed out: &;QingYang out on her body and turbidity Yin out next opening;QingYang hair cou justified, turbidity Yin walk five zang-organs;QingYang real limbs and turbidity Yin to quickly.& rdquo;Mean, Yang qi, light, so QingYang (clear up mainly refers to the gas) out of breath ear, mesh, mouth and nose wait qiao;Yin main form, heavy turbidity declined, therefore turbidity Yin (mainly refers to before and after urine) from wait to do STH. YinYang advocate defend, so QingYang (outside experience for health gas) hair at muscle table & ldquo;Cou justified & rdquo;;Yin Lord, so keep turbid Yin (refers to the strong muddy pathways for subtle body part) through the zang-fu within the tissue organ.For the ZhuYang limbs, so QingYang (who is the sun outside of full in limbs;Organs and store essence, reason turbidity Yin (the quality of food) to quickly runs.The ancients use & ldquo;QingYang & rdquo;, & ldquo;Turbidity Yin & rdquo;Relative to clarify the specific, more widespread physiology phenomenon, and it was showed that & ldquo;Yin and Yang rdquo; mutual root &Principle.So the & ldquo;QingYang & rdquo;And & ldquo;Turbidity Yin & rdquo;Understanding, although there is a general concept, but based on the actual situation, meaning can sometimes different.

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